Spotlight: Quentin Mosimann - "Happy Ending" (Original Mix)


Quentin Mosimann - "Happy Ending" (Original Mix)

Musical Noize has just previewed Quentin Mosimann's new track, "Happy Ending". File it under electro house with a few industrial and acid elements. This marks the first release of Mosimann on the label. Out this January, expect it to get some heavy spins this coming festival season.

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Quentin Mosimann was introduced to DJing by his friend John Revox. “John taught me everything when I was 15-years-old, I spent all my weekends watching him play. I understood quickly it would become my whole life.” He is currently ranked #72 on the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll.

Musical Noize is an independent electronic music label from Italy established in 2013. Its primary mission is to promote talents from all around the world. The target mainly focuses on progressive house, dutch house and electro house but being ready to open up to deep house, tech house, dubstep and trance.

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