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The Top 10 In House Music This Week 2014: Week 51


A few of the highlights on this week's house music chart include a new Moda Black cut from Hauswerks, Purple Disco Machine remixing Munk with his signature deep funk sound, & of course my top pick of the week from Agoria!

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1. “Love Letters (Agoria Remix)” Metronomy, Fayer

Edu Imbernon's newest sophomore release on his Fayer imprint sees a couple of Metronomy remixes by himself and the other by Agoria as profiled here as my top release of the week. On Agoria's re-rerub of  "Love Letters", he strips out all the vocals and instead inserts some of the original vocal parts over a throbbing organ loop that slowly and steadily builds with the slightest of ease.

2. “Feel So Free” Crystal Bandito, Ultramajic

Ultramajic's latest signee is an unknown fella' by the name of Crystal Bandito and on this latest Ultramajic EP, Crystal Bandito pushes that crisp electronic sound that rides that fine line right in between techno & house music.

3. “Deceiver (Purple Disco Machine Remix)” Munk feat. Lizzie Paige, Gomma

Munk's latest single from their album "Chanson 3000" gets a deep funk remix by the man known as Purple Disco Machine.

4. “What Ya Got” Joost Kumtome, Alive Recordings

The highlight of The Rowheath EP for me is this UK Garage inflected stormer called "What Ya Got". Out now exclusively on Beatport!

5. “Push Up” Adrian, Sinnmusik*

This melodic house tune by Adrian hits and breaks in all the right places thereby creating a very effective house banger!

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6. “The Gates Of Babylon" DAVI, Rebellion

LA based producer, DAVI returns to the Crosstown Rebels offshoot Rebellion for an Arabian influenced house cut that would be very well suited for a California desert party near you.

7. “Turn A Blind Eye” Casino Times, Futureboogie

The duo of Nicolas Church and Joseph Spencer who are better known as Casino Times make their debut on Futureboogie with a stunning four-tracker called "Lower Level Sounds".

8. “Dowdees” Michel de Hey & Rauwkost, Hey! Records

Michel de Hey & Rauwkost are back with The Dowdees EP after scoring their summer hit "Julienzzz on Bedrock back in June.

9. “Why You Tellin' Me” Hauswerks, Moda Black

Rising house music star Hauswerks creates yet another massive house banger for Jaymo & Andy George's Moda Black!

10. “Secret Garden" Joss Moog, Forest Walker Records

Forest Walker Records' 4th ever release comes from Parisian producer Joss Moog.  Soon to be released digitally through most online retailers.


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