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Top Drum And Bass Songs 2014- Festive Round Up [Week #50]

Top Drum And Bass Songs 2014 -Festive Round Up [Week #50]

I will forever look back on 2014 as the year I realised that frothing at the mouth passion could be felt for something other than a crate of hot chips. Sliding towards the new year, I have time to reflect on my entanglement in a beautiful love triangle featuring myself, my salary and a bloody music genre. The drum and the bass, D&B, DnB – whatever you want to call it –  I am equal parts obsessed and in love.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2014 was the year I embraced the word ‘rave’ in daily conversation. Because even though it still makes my skin crawl (and ensures your workmates assume you take loads of drugs), no other word can begin to summarise the sweaty, skanking, glory of dark and dirty moshpit based activities. So lots of personal progress I feel.  Similarly, for the D&B scene, it has to be said that no matter which sub-genre you have a squidgy feeling for, there have been some absolute bangers this year. Or CHOON(s)!!! as you’ll hear the more intelligent of us caw during a particularly sick drop.

Below is a list of my stand out favourites from the sick year that has been. So premature Merry Christmas you lot, have safe/happy Christmas celebrations....and introduce your grandparents to some jungle. Perhaps something by Audio. They’ll like that.

Here are my Top Drum and Bass Songs 2014 ... Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

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Smoke and lasers / Love and ravers / Afterglow / We’re ready for the afterglow…

Wilkinson is extremely over talented and I had a proper job picking between this and Dirty Love…both tunes bringing something a little different to the table whilst being disgustingly good and filthy of title. Afterglow only just took the glory as it’s played during cool down at Ravercise - the one and only extra-curricular ‘hobby’ I have ever stuck to (I blame my parents). Suck on that netball….debate….gymnastics…badge collecting…

I See Monstas
Everyone in life has their shares of ups and downs
Outside beneath the never-ending sky
Is a world that only goes one way
And that's round and round

The most uplifting, feel good, invincible tune of life. I live in London where everything is hard and this song legitamately helps me cope with the big, bad city. A hugely powerful piece of work from the re-branded ‘Monsta’.

Chase and Status

It’s no secret that I love Chase and Status. They have managed to secure, where puppies and babies have both failed miserably, a large chunk of my icy little heart’s real estate. Tune, after tune, after tune… Amazing live and absolutely killed the Warehouse Project in Manchester. Tell me I’m mainstream, go on – I will DJ Fresh all over your face before ever renouncing them.

Nobody To Love
I know you're tired of loving, of loving
With nobody to love, nobody, nobody

Summer banger.  Smashed at the festivals and usually sung along to all lairy-like whilst clutching a creep of a stranger (or your best mate, if you’re more appropriate). And what’s not to like about lairy stranger clutching. Nothing! That’s right!

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Bees Knees
Lynx feat. Malibu
Ba-da ba-da baa...honk honk... (some other words)

A hummer of a tune that quite honestly hasn't left my head since it launched. Catchier than something GP treatable? Oh yes. Brilliant EP all round.

InsideInfo feat. Miss Trouble

Oooooooffff!!! I can't even...

Keeno (feat. Louisa Bass)
All is not lost, nor is found...

Stumbled upon during my early dabbles in the Hospital podcasts, this tune went on repeat as I struggled to work out my feelings towards its deliciously slow and relaxing qualities. Drum and bass is supposed to be sweaty and enjoyed whilst jacked up on Red Bull, I naively thought- what do I even do with this shit!? Enjoy it was the verdict...and with that, liquid D&B dribbled its way into my life.

Icicle feat. Skittles
Run 'em down
Knock 'em out
Get paid
Get out

2014 was the year I broke myself on festival season.  The biggest and baddest being Outlook in Pula, Croatia. Bass, boat parties and bitchessss…not really the last one for me, but it started with B and I was feeling a theme. Regardless. This tune is dark, has knocking bass, and brings back fond memories of the Shogun Audio boat party. It's more complex than your girlfriend and larger than your legs know what to do with.

Forest Fires 
Fred V & Grafix feat. Etherwood
And I refuse to let this go...

Cracker year for Fred V & Grafix, or Frafix, for the lazy of tounge. Not only did their albums Recognise, and  Unrecognisable, drop to huge (unsurprising) success, the lads also have the pleasure of being my number 1 UKF podcast to run to.  No shabby accolade considering my exercise BPM taste usually veers towards gentle heart attack territory.

My Love (Sigma Remix)
Route 94

Searched for the name of this song for months. Months. Sang the only two lines I knew at many, many people...smoking the keyword  search on Google...‘My love,  myyyy love’...

2 months later, Shazam cut me a bloody break.

Christ help me - here's to a more intelligent new year!

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