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Top Drum & Bass Songs 2014 [Week #48]


Mental, fast paced and incredible are words that can be assigned to happenings in the drum and bass industry of late. Rather than slink off and hibernate in a cave for the duration of winter, the D&B scene seems to be up, at 'em, and as deviously unrelentless as ever. Tuesday this week, Drum&BassArena pulled off a hell of a party in celebration of the industry as a whole - Hospital Records won big with best label and event (check out the full review and list of winners here), Noisia is the man to beat in the best producer stakes and Maduk and Emperor are the ones to watch in 2015. Following in the same vein of bass laced festivity, Friction’s label Shogun Audio are celebrating 10 years of sickness (of the non-snivelling variety) with a 10 Years of Shogun Audio album. Loving that and featuring a lot of the tracks below today in embracement of a bloody good bit of work. I’m just all for the drum and bass and I know you all are too, so party hats on (c’mon they’re sexy), hands out of the chip bowl fatties, and let’s go get amongst the good vibes and celebrations with some serious skank out celebration.

P.S Shapey won best album also…yessssssss lads!!!!

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Spor (Calyx & TeeBee remix)
Shogun Audio

Happy Birthday Shogun! Zipping up their big boy pants with this Calyx and Teebee remix; Spor is a great start to their reign in the double figures. It's a high energy, full-on track which would be appropriate to pilot your chopper to...or failing that, drive your BMW to. Or just sit on your bike to. What I'm getting at here is that it makes you wanna go fast. Some bright spark on Soundcloud commented, 'I wanna puke' which I will take as absolute justification of my prior statement. The beat as a brilliant one, pass me a bucket!

By My Side (Keeno & Whiney remix)
Spearhead Records

Um, where have you been all my life? A statement perhaps best reserved for my future husband but more appropriately (and let's face it, timelier) placed here - hailing this track - because I love it. It doesn't do anything overly exciting, it doesn't go anywhere much and it doesn't drop - but it is just gorgeous. Sticking the repeat button down with sellotape as we speak.

Aaron Smith
Dancin (Keeno Remix)
Relentless Records

This track is a bouncy beaut – remaining true to Keeno style. Kid might not have won up at the DnBArena awards this week but he just keeps on tossing out tunes with incredible panache. Yeah panache, we're classy in this joint today. Keep it up oi Keeno! It is paying off where it truly matters (that's with the fans, in case I was being too discreetly soppy).

Foreign Beggars and Alix Perez
Modus (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
Shogun Audio

Foreign Beggars headlined at Fabric one of the first times I ever went and, therefore, I have a very soft patch in my icy little heart for them. A dark and swizzly tune here with a tremendous rap and beat combo. It also includes swearing... which, let's face it, makes me like it more.

Black Sun Empire & State of Mind
Blackout Music NL

To avoid national pride bias I am just going to fill the description of this frenetic, techy, growling track with comments from Soundcloud and let you do with that information what you will....

Black Reign LTD says: big boy stuff!
Atawista says: Proper neuro is what we need, thanks BSE&SOM!
asvpxchristian says: jesus fucking christ

(not very Christian, christian, but agreed)

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Light In The Dark (Etherwood Remix)
Shogun Audio and Hospital Records

The irony is not lost on me as the vocalist's silky tones insist, 'it just don't work'...when I think it is quite clear, that it just bloody does.  Etherwood has a new album in the works and in the meantime, has sprinkled his fairy dust on this SpectraSoul offering. Tony Colman made his disbelief on the exclusion of Shogun from best label nominees clear on his podcast this week, so this mash-up offering from the two mighty labels is an unsurprising sho of unity. Heh.

Icicle and Prolix
Shogun Audio

To avoid wanking on in fan-girl mode about Icicle again, I am going to focus today on Prolix (let's just ignore the fact that everything Icicle touches results in pure frosty as fuck magic). Prolix is a prolific (12 times fast - go!) drum and bass producer with his own imprint, Trendkill Records, and a huge number of nifty little collaborations under his belt. Duality is no different - top tune.

Tantrum Desire
Underground (feat. Laura Bayston)
Technique Recordings

Ding! The bells allllll up in the start of this track hastily give way to a drop of epic proportions which prelude a quick descent into filthy territory...luckily an anthemic vocal is on hand to shake the listener by the neck if their pulse dares drop anything below an appropriately pumped BPM.

Fire In The Dark (Teddy Killerz Remix)

Teddy’s aren’t the only thing the only thing these lads are killing lately… the duo have been remixing up a big fat brilliant sack of bangers and doing their new label proud. Lots of respect out there - props are being given for their unique spin on D&B and their other recent track, Ragga Bomb, has stormed the Beatport chart to take the number one crown. I predict this tune won't do so shabby either!

Peven Everett, Alix Perez, Spectrasoul (Calibre remix)
Shogun Audio

Dreamy, rolling, smooth...What’s the saying? Many hands make light work? I think that saying is usually reserved for conning people into cleaning up after a party but there's certainly enough talent on hand here and not a mess in sight.

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