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Top Drum & Bass Songs 2014 [Week #49]


Photo credit: Wilkinson's Facebook

So that ↑↑↑ happened last night. I was shoved, trod on, steamrolled by whopping overenthusiastic lunking great lads and hooked in the nose by my best friend. Thus is the dark beauty of a good rave and last night, deep within the dingy bowels of Fabric - my absolute favourite place in London - RAM Records threw one hell of a Christmas party. Audio, Chase and Status, Ed Rush, Mind Vortex and Wilkinson were all in attendance and doing what they do best - causing crowds to go bat shit crazy. It is a testament to love for the genre that I am sitting here, throbbing in all the body parts (not that one - behave!), tapping away excitedly the next day about the genre that has done this to me. Without further ado, mainly due to the pressing need to have quiet time in a dark room, I will summarise that all in all - it was a brilliantly decent night and a fitting conclusion to a year of damn fine drum and bass. Oh and Audio is huge... huge. Thank you Fabric Friday!

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1. Sandy Rivera, April
BANG! (Nu:Tone Remix)

A slightly intense track name for a pretty chilled out tune but let's not read too much into it shall's a bit lovely, but still a bit dirty - like the perfect girl really. But a song. So not a girl.  I wanna go bannnng, bang. Bannnng, bang.

I need sleep.

2. Loko & Chords
Diamond Light
RAM Records

Continuing to ease you in with a ripply little number which is available exclusively on the brand new RAM Drum and Bass Annual 2015 album. There's dips, there are trills, oh and there's melodic elevation...don't make me throw more buzz words at you, you fickle play already.

3. The Prototypes
Viper Recordings

Ah The Prototypes....oi do not listen to this if you're planning on having a quiet one - you'll be running down the road to the nearest rave before you can even get your pants on. Are they capable of a bad tune?

4. Culture Shock
Troglodyte VIP
RAM Records

I really like this. Other things I like are Jurassic Park and BBQ sauce, but random babbling trivia aside, let's be serious - this track rips. It uses a proper variety of effects, some which I haven’t heard widely used before, and based on appreciation of a unique vibe - it's going in!

5. Liz E
On My Mind 

In my amateur opinion, Liz E or Elizabeth Welch, is one of the good (albeit one of the few) lady bits to hit drum and bass. Former model, current producer – I have to admit to being a little bit jealous in awe. Can see this one creeping its way up the charts, bit of a slow burner but catchy as...

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6. Mediks, Benny L
Speakers Vibrate Ft. MC Coppa (Original Mix)

As is fitting from a label aptly titled Audioporn, there is a very sexy drop awaiting you here. I was hoping for something in this tune to grip me by the face and shake me; it did not disappoint. This trio of Bristolians know how it's done.

7. Chomstars ft. Liv Young
Hydrus (Zulishanti Remix)

A sick track, mixed up and smashed out by a truly nice guy from some attention and show some love! Surging, rolling bass and drummmm, all served up with a side of slinky vocal.

8. Mind Vortex
Hotbox VIP

More hearty representation from the RAM 2015 Album. This VIP is a thrasher of track with explosivity (yeah shoosh that's a word), a grinding bass line and a mighty purr.

9. Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston
We're All We Need (SpectraSoul Remix)

Spectrasoul have been touted as a duo who bridge the gap between light and dark, hard and smooth. A little confusing to get your head around perhaps but after a listen of this track, it all makes perfect sense. Soulful, deep and dare I say it, a little classy.

10. Krossbow
Instant Vibes

Chunnnnnky. Krossbow's follow up EP is totally worthy of some hype. Stealing a snip from their Soundcloud bio here - Creating their unique stamp on the ever growing glitch hop scene by fusing ideas from a multitude of genres but maintaining a heavy focus on massive drums and dirty bass. 

Did anyone order extra dirty bass? 

Um yes, yup, uh-huh, straight at my face with it please.

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