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Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Selections – 12/11/14


Well it’s that time again - the time to groove, the time to shake things up and let the music get deep down inside you and move those feet, and maybe that heart. This week the top tune is a throwback to not so long ago, but it was too good that I couldn’t let it go unnoticed. Our Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart is all about exploring the retro, the future, and everything in between, and certainly this week does exactly that. There is a lot of innovation going on here, but it’s not experimentation at a cost of losing the soul of the whole endeavor. These talented innovators keep the good vibes going, but just taking them to new territory.

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”Still Going Theme” Still Going, DFA Records

Stumbled upon this older gem last week, and it felt too good… So, I THREW IT BACK! Number ones can be a blast from the past, and by god this tune right here deserves every ounce of respect.

”Go Bang” Hot Chip, Yep Roc Music Group

Another tune that’s been out for a minute, and frankly I don’t know how I missed it. We all make mistakes, but then we can redeem ourselves and just GO BANG! Hot Chip kills it with a cover of Arthur Russell classic.

”Say Something (Bodhi Remix)” Karen Harding

Romantic dance music is just the best kind. We all want to fall in love, we all get our hearts broken, and this tune has a bit of all that. Karen Harding, your voice is just so powerful, how do you get all those feelings in there and sing them so beautifully? Don’t answer that, some things are better left to the imagination.

”You’re On” Madeon feat. Kyan

Madeon’s new album is going to be a masterpiece, and isn’t it great he got it all started with this little gem? Mainstream better get ready, Madeon’s ready to go full nu-disco.

”La Musica (Mighty Mouse Remix)” Achilles & One

Oh yeah, OH YEAH! OOOOOOOOH YEAH this tune has such a beautiful crescendo. You climb that groove mountain, and then… YOU LOSE IT! This song is the best kind of madness.

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”Darkness” Vanilla Ace & Chad Tyson

Vanilla Ace is an absolute groove sorcerer, he’s got tricks, he’s got magic. Chad Tyson and Vanilla Ace come together and deliver a tune that’s far from predictable and as close to excellence as anyone could possibly come.

”Umatica” Esa

A bit more innovative but indisputably Esa has a great sense of the groove. It’s mellow and energetic, chill vibes and damn good times.

”G&G (L.O.O.P. Remix)” Saccao, Jean Bacarrez, Smiley Fingers Rec.

You hungry for a G House selection? Well, put your napkin on your lap, and sit up straight, LOOP’s remix is going to fill you with that G House goodness.

”Supernatural (Pomo Remix)” Alunageorge

POMO, you’re supernatural. Not just this song, just everything you do. Although, this remix, SO FRESH! The perfect disco vibes, and a little bit of what feels like subtle funk elements doing what they do best, keeping the funk very much alive.

”Milking” Croatia Squad, Enormous Tunes

The sample on this is highly entertaining, and creatively satisfying. I won’t ruin the surprise, just know you SHOULD DEFINITELY listen to this and you’ll love it.

Whoa there, Playlist, you missed a spot…

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