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Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Selections – 12/18/14


Not sure it how it happened, but there is a whole lot of throwing it back going on in this Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance chart this week. It is the time of the year to look back and enjoy this hard fought year, hopefully you have accomplished a lot and won many glorious battles in the field of fun and on the floors of dance. Yet, we also are on the cusp of looking forward to a shiny new year rife with potential and opportunity a plenty in parties a many. I guess it's not that surprising why every now and again the throwback element is strong in a disco focus, after all we are enjoying the fruits of a revival of style from a bygone era. So with all that being said, let's party for the past and keep our minds on the parties of the future!

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1. “Running (Mickey Kojak’s Running on Vibez Edition)” Cassian, Sweat it Out

To run on vibez... Is that the only way to run? Or is that just what you run on when you've had too much fun? Besides that important rhetorical inquiry, this is a great tune here. Mickey Kojak's got those garage-esue vibes in full effect. The male vocal is smooth and sultry, all about it!

2. “Roly Poly” Hernene, RIS Labs

A new favorite label of mine, Rock It Science Labs knows a thing or too about contemporary disco house tunes! Their latest release with Hernene is a focused groover, fixed towards getting a substantive party going. This isn't a rage your face off tune, this is a dance because you want to dance song!

3. “Lonely Press Play (FSQ Rework)” Damon Albarn, Soul Clap Records

FSQ knows what to do, a bold rework! Taking Damon to the tropics, sure his voice tries so hard to maintain that melancholy, but this rework is just having too much fun to be sad!

4. “Wandering Star” Evoke vs.Portishead

Blast from the past and god damn is it an on point blast! Wandering Star wanders back into the contemporary scene in a big way with whatever this is that Evoke has done. Absolutely crushes it! The versus title is well deserved, Evoke made this a definite collaboration more than your run of the mill remix!

5. “Nothing Gold (Todd Terje mix)” JOAKIM

THROW IT BACK TERJE DAY! It's been out there for two years, yeah we get that it's not a top tune, but this is the nu-disco chart! We're all about embracing the past in the present, and TERJE IS THE GOD OF MODERN DISCO! DEAL WITH IT!

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6. “Wating Game” Theo Kottis, Moda Black

Some deep disco right here. An aggressive groove, almost sounds like if someone made a smile into human form and told it to go party. That's definitely a party I'd want to be at! Bunch of smiles running around getting their groove on under disco balls and disco lights shining bright. I really went somewhere with that one...

6. “A Way to Say” Ardency & Nash Howe

This group called Ardency, I didn't know much about them long ago, but by god did they come on strong! These young lads are chill disco gurus.

7. “Shout” Niteppl ft. Her Favorite Flavor, Popgang Records

Romantic and with a strong mellow groove, 'Shout' is a song you can do so many things to - dance, fall in love for a night or a lifetime, or just take a moment and embrace the good vibes in this thing called life.The high moments of the work really hit, and overall the crescendo of the piece is graceful with such a delicate quality. It all just feels so organic, so right, so full of body and life. This song is alive and deeply moving.

9. “Shooting Star (Bag Raiders Cover)” Elephante

Whoa, whoa, whoa! THROWBACK FULL EFFECT COVER! Elephante, I LOVE IT! Taking a modern classic in a new direction, jampacking it with energy, this is the song you want to be in the middle of any scene for. Right in the thick of it, and letting the good times ride. Thanks for this Elephante, it's got a deepness to it that most remixes could only dream of.

10. “Suburban Odyssey” Myles Mac, Cutters Records

A record label originated by Cut Copy you say? Oh that's my kind of a label! I came upon this completely by perusing coincidence, Cut Copy was reposting a bunch of content on soundcloud, and BOOM! This odyssey is hypnotic, and whatever suburbs its going to find you journeying through, be sure to bring a good attitude. This is absolutely magical!

Mix of the Week - Johnny Jewel ‘The Other Side of Midnight’

A modern god of the analog. He knows good synths, he knows amazing music, it's something from the great Johnny Jewel! This week's mix is a really long song, not so much a mix.

Now this brings us to the playlist portion of the chart!

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