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Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Selections - 12/4/14


Hey my nu-disco and indie dance friends, it’s been a while. A turkey got in the way, and the holidays got started off real strong and furious. BUT THE TOP NU-DISCO & INDIE DANCE CHART IS BACK! Oh, and you better believe it’s better than ever. I won’t say much, but I will say this chart is tried and true and tested and casual dinner party approved! Interpret that how you will, but listening to these tunes is what you absolutely have to do!

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1. “Imagination Flashback Kon Remix” Kon
A master class in disco, that’s all I need to say about Kon!

2. “Feel So Free” Crystal Bandito, Ultramajic
I was not expecting a cool, calm, collected disco perfected tune from Ultramajic, but I’m not surprised. Ultramajic’s releases are synonmous with excellence.

3. “Who’s Who of Who Cares (Daniel T. & Cooper Saver Remix)” Museum of Love, DFA Records
This remix is fun. If fun were to be digitized, turned into sound, written and composed by Museum of Love and then remixed by Daniel T. & Cooper Saver, this is the exact thing that it would be. It’s got so much going on, I don’t even want to try and pinpoint or dissect what makes it perfect. I just want to dance to it!

4. “You” Etienne de Crecy, Madeline Follin
Another tune off Etienne’s forthcoming album ‘Super Discount 3’. It’s retro futurism at is finest.

5. “Gon Stay (Ben Gomori’s All Worked Up Edit)” SBTRKT feat. Sampha
Danceable SBTRKT? Taking the strong emotions and placing them right in the middle of the dancefloor? Ben Gomori, if you had told me you could do it, I’d have my reservations, but sweet baby jesus did you deliver.

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6. “Hello Night” L.O.O.P. & Full House
A strong female vocal with an edge, and production skills equally cutting edge to match, it all comes together for a song that’s got a tinge of aggression. This song is working something out - it’s hot, it’s sweaty.

7. “Nightcall (Ardency Remix)” Kavinsky
A bold remix of a modern classic. I really applaud the isolation of the male and female vocal components, it adds a great layer to the duet that in the original almost goes unnoticed. Ardency, you won me over as a fan, nuff said.

8. “Ghost in the System” Pleasure State, Hot Creations
SUPERGROUP HIT ALERT! MK, Lee Foss, Anabel Englund come together, stronger than ever. The songwriting on this one is pretty damn great and engaging. Imaginative and inviting you deeper and deeper. I’ve had this song playing on repeat for almost two weeks now, quite the beautiful addiction! Anabel Englund’s vocal prowess really is not even disputable after this...

9. “Carousel (Eric Sharp Radio Mix)” Melanie Martinez
A chill remix that’s oozing in romance and a dash of sex. The feels are very real here, and this tune is almost as powerful as Eric Sharp’s amazing facial hair. This song is just so good, it’ll break your heart.

10. “This Side of Paradise (Rogue Vogue Remix)” Hayley Kiyoko
Get down and move around. The week is almost over and this is the best tune to turn on when you’re leaving your job, approaching the fun of the night. Disco house in the best way, that’s this remix here today.

Mix of the Week!

DJ Allione’s Live at Lure Mix
It’s on the deeper side of the house spectrum, but it’s a damn fine opening set at Lure. Give the love to the up and coming talent (especially the mixologists)! DJ Allione is coming up fierce, so take note and take a listen, he’s got potential to be a big thing.


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