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Top Techno Selections [December 16]


The techno selections this week are either going to relax you and calm you with their melodic beauty, or they are going to force you to dance. Theese Top Techno selections embody how much of the emotional spectrum this music can touch upon, it really is endless. Every week the techno I go through and consider for sharing with all you lovely you people is more impressive and inspiring than the last it seems. So, the selections this week are not going to be one note, they are all over the place. It is oh so very appropriate because each musician seems to be expressing their own unique snowflake perspective. Ready yourself, winter is coming! It is coming in the form of a techno blizzard when all these artist come together! On with the techno show!

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1. “Last Chance to Trance” Clouds, Turbo Recordings

The Turbo Recordings Warehouse Series 12"s is heavy duty techno weaponry, and Clouds' release 'Last Chance to Trance' is going to do things to your face; By do things to your face, I mean either rip it off or melt it off. The attitude and awe inspiring ability demonstrated in this song make you a wonder if it is safe to even let Clouds into a club. Buyer beware, Clouds might be hazardous to your health, I mean you are going to lose your shit when you listen to this tune.

2. “Strange Days (Recondite Remix)” Mind Against, Life & Death

The latest release by Mind Against, Strange Days, on Life & Death is not to be overlooked. A definitive fixture in some of the best mixes we have heard, only the finest in top named selectors are choosing Mind Against to destroy music lovers the world over. Recondite's remix is proof that this tune is one of the top techno songs out there, it's mystical and ominous, and doesn't that just spell out techno bliss?

3. “Power of Anonymity” Steffi, Ostgut Ton

Mellowed out melodic techno is indubitably the right way to go. Steffi, goddess of the underground, lives up to her reputation as one hell of an amazing artist. This is a work that is going to rub your back and your soul, amazingly subtle and ever so sweet.

4. “Come Undone” Clint Stewart, Second State Audio

Snap, snap, snap, snap your fingers if you love beautiful techno. I am going to make a bold statement, this is poetic. Second State Audio is known for high caliber releases, and Clint Stewart's gracefully crescendoing song 'Come Undone' is a delicate piece of music that tugs at the heart.

5. “Dead Ringer (Mosca Remix)” Alland Byallo feat. Aquarius Heaven, Bad Animal

A man with many influences and an inclination towards the underground house and techno scene, Mosca is a man who has truly figured out what he likes. Always grabbed by the dark and sexy, the deep and emotional but full of energy, Mosca delivers a remix that touches on all of those elements. The groove on this song right here is the type of groove that keeps the world going!

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6. “iMove (Jordan Peak’s Rogue Rework)” Eddie Richards, Storm UK

Ever wonder what dissonnance is? Here is a rework that is an excellent example. Jordan Peak seems to be trying to get you moving at full bore, this is not a song to sit down and chill out to. I love the clanging and the clashing, and the build is on a trajectory to behead the dance floor.

7. “acid 7 acid 3” Alden Tyrell, DELFT

Oh yeah! Acid, acid, acid, acid... This song gets weird with it, and you better love it. If you don't, then you're wrong and you need to totally re-evaluate your life.

8. “Der Pate” Mausio

Starting off very humble, simmering to a boil and then quickly dancing up to an explosive pounding your every molecule with its power... This is another work of techno that you don't turn you back on...

9. “Phobia (Solee Remix)” Midas 104 & Nils Twachtmann, Crossfrontier Audio

Mind bending, mind warping, something serious is going on with your mind in this one, that is my professional impression. Playful and positive, but still eliciting a visceral response that isn't quite comfortable. It is a song that needs to be danced off or danced out, if you sit still, you might go insane. It is about phobia after all!

10. “Olson (Mideland Re-Edit)” Boards of Canada

I love it when the best and the brightest take on their inspirations, the end result is a reimagined classic in the contemporary styles and context! Both an education and an evaluation of past, present and future. Midland just brought this delightful number to everyone's attention again, and god damn, who knew ambient music could get a tropical, tribal groove? Obviously Midland and no one else! He's one in a billion!

Mix of the Week! The Violent Blondes present Violent Veronika

Stumbled upon these violent blondes on soundcloud, and GOD DAMN! They have quite the bountiful profile of amazing mixes, and this one shines bright with the rest of their portfolio. Top notch selectors, and I can't wait for more!

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