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Top Techno Selections [Week #47]


If you were not aware, we have entered the last month of the year, with that being said you might think things would be slowing down with our Top Techno chart. THINK AGAIN! Regardless of the time of the year, techno is going to keep doing its thing. Always moving to the future, always looking to the horizon, but always focused on the here and the now on the dance floor. The top talent show no signs of slowing, only a hunger and a passion growing stronger, the techno content is strong, and with that ALSO being said, prepare for a few bits of amazingness that all come in the form of song. Top Techno, it's time to go!

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1. “See See (Matrixxman Remix)” Window
I’m not sure where Matrixxman dwells, he seems to me to be a cosmic being who brings to this world techno from a very different but beautiful place. He’s one of the greats walking around today doing his thing, and this remix screams it’s the best kind of thing he’s doing.

2. “Helice” Agoria, Hotflush
Agoria’s debut on Hotflsuh is a propelling record that will envelope and encompass. It takes you over, don’t fight it, just groove to it.

3. “You’re the Same” Adam Beyer, Truesoul
Definitively Adam Beyer this is a perfect example of what techno is and should be. It’s got the rolling, forward thinking style, and on point sense of exactly what amazing techno should sound like. Adam Beyer, you don’t need me to say it but bravo.

4. “Hard Times” Frankyeffe / Audiomatiques, Octopus Recordings
Simmering to a stylish boil, the latest release from Octopus Recordings is a one part sinister, one part style, one part party, add it up and it’s three parts amazing.

5. “Black Face (Skober Remix)” Jean Agoriia, Klangspektrum Records
I’m not sure how or when I discovered Skober, but I’m glad I did. Mellow techno that will steal into your ears and then slowly grow to a cool calm explosive tune.

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6. “Good and Bad Cut” Minimal Allianz
He samples the good the bad and the ugly in amazing minimal matter. I don’t need to say anything else...

7. “Bad Kingdom (Lambert Rework)” Moderat - Jacob Groening’s Sunday Juno Remix
A remix of a remix? Not sure what is going on here, but it’s melodic, it’s beautiful, and sounds a far cry from the original composition, yet still maintains the essence, although pushing it very forward.

8. “Before the Feast” Nick Dow, Traum
More beautiful techno with impressive flourishes. It’s got a subtle cinematic quality that is inviting and quite soothing.

9. “Can’t Do Without You (Tale of Us and Mano Le Tough Remix)” Caribou
So many remixes of this song here, but you’ve got techno titans and kings of the underground having a go, so we just had to show it to you!

10. “Untitled (Len Faki Untitled Mix)” Chambray, Ultramajic
What do I need to say about Chambray? I don’t need to say much, I just need to say that it’s Ultramajic and Chambray and you really need to know it if you think you know good music!

Mix of the Week from Sian

Octopus Radio 82 Sian at Circuit Phoenix
This week, we’ve got Sian the label head of Octopus on his regular podcast series. Get ready for goodness, this mix is overflowing with the goods.

Something, something, playlist...

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