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Top Techno Selections [Week #48]


What is more perfect to draw you together for warmth against the storm than a techno playlist that will keep you going all night long? This week we have some amazing originals and awe inspiring remixes in Magnetic Magazine’s Top Techno selections. It is an absolute torrential downpour of technical prowess that is going to possibly overwhelm you, but remember techno is all about pushing things forward, so keep an open mind, prepare for the groove, and get ready for some selections that aim you right out of your comfort zone.

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1. “Fits Foil” Anna, Tronic

Anna is not to be taken lightly, I’ve charted her number one before, and I’m doing it again. Let’s be honest, odds are I will probably be doing it a few more times. It’s not so much that Anna knows good techno, she fundamentally IS GOOD TECHNO! Her latest release on Tronic is a haunting work that is engaging while slightly being off putting. It challenges you in the beginning only to lure you deep into its rolling rhythm. Anna is hot and only getting hotter!

2. “Conjure Dreams” Maceo Plex / Maetrik, Drumcode

One tune off the last and final EP in Maceo’s Conjure series… It’s been a beautiful year with this pursuit by dearest Maceo, and ‘Conjure Dreams’ is a fitting end. A cool comedown, with nuances of the elegance of the series overall. Maceo Plex is a master and as sad as I am that it ends, I know there is so much more on his creative horizon.

3. “Unconditional Beauty” Luigi Madonna, Drumcode

Another Drumcode selection, and it’s here not for laziness, but because it very much deserves as much praise as the other! Sitting high atop the beatport techno chart at number one for the last two weeks, the latest from Luigi Madonna deserves every ounce of recognition. It’s dark and it’s pounding, and it deserves its own verb, it’s good technoing.

4. “Noir“ Yoann Feynman x Monomotion, Fake Music

Marching ferocity, Yoann Feynman and Monmotion are going to take your night by force. They do not want to be loved with this one, they want to be feared, or at least they want you feeling like a god when you listen to this one. If you want to dance as hard as possible to this, that is recommended, although is this better techno fair for working out.

5. “Get Yourself High (Sluggers Remix)” The Chemical Brothers

Sluggers, I’ll tell you straight up, when I saw you post that you had remixed this classic… I GOT EXTREMELY EXCITED! What a remix, and by god what perfect timing! You calmed down the original, and up’d the sex, all the while surgically isolating the original elements. This is what a remix should be, an absolute relaunch to the moon of an already out of this world tune.

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6. “Feels Like (Radio Slave ‘Last Communication Remix’)” T.E.E.D. & Anna Lunoe, Nice Age

Some things you just can’t make up, and this remixer of this tune comes as quite the pleasant surprise. Radio Slave is a warlock, not just a magician, this remix is pure sorcery. Taming it down to become a graceful bit of techno with strong ambient elements.

7. “Blowin Minds (Dosem Remix)” Chus & Ceballos, Oscar De Rivera, Stereo Productions Group

The distant distorted vocals truly do instill a sense of insanity in the listener, always on cusp of being discernible, but still making you question if they are even there. Absolutely ghostly!

8. “Don’t Fail Me Now (dubspeeka Remix)” Him_Self_Her feat Calder, Suara

An eery intro, the perfect calm before the storm, and then it feels like a tribal rave in an industrial complex from there on out. dubspeeka’s remix is far from predictable, rather it paints a sonic narrative that is confounding and inspiring at the same damn time.

9. “Haunted Girl Canyon (Eelke Kleijn Remix)” Henry Saiz, Suara

A fun little special something from a Suara regular, Eelke Kleijn definitely can get any party going with this one, even if it’s your grandmother’s 81st or your nephews fifth… Legendary tune that starts with a smile and then builds to something surprisingly epic.

10. “Distorted View” Jon Rundell, Intec Digital

Co-labelhead Mr. Rundell delivers a bouncy bit of techno, it’s certainly got his definitive focus on the groove, but a bit lighter than previous releases. Overall, I am absolutely loving it!

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