Top Tropical House / Chill Music - December 8th 2014

Top Tropical House / Chill Music - December 8th 2014

Every morning when I wake up I clap my hands together and say “This is gonna be a great day.” It may sound like a deranged warthog grunt when I say it but regardless its out there. You might think I’m setting myself up for failure. The day can be untameable and harsh, but I like to do it because it gives me something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but I think you should experience something extraordinary or beautiful every day. It settles you and sort of puts you in your place, making all the shlubs and trips worth puting up for. Music is often times that thing that makes life a little sweeter. Its a constant source of balance and has the ability to transport you away, allowing your mind to wander to some melodic nirvana. The genres of music this chart tries to celebrate are the perfect examples of this transportive gift taking you to sunkissed havens that are a little salty and wet. It has a purifying special ingredient, maybe because often times it has sort of lush, natural roots to the sound. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks with holidays and family around the corner. Beyond that, a new year full of potential and adventure. Whether its watching the sunrise or sunset, injecting a little more bacon into your life or floating on your cloud bed with headphones on, find that something to look forward to.

QUICK NOTE: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy

1. “Firestone ft. Conrad” Kygo
The King has arrived. This isn’t just a genre of music anymore, its a lifestyle, its a movement and we will be led to the promise paradise by the tropfather himself, Kygo. The man who helped found tropical house has released the first original from his forthcoming album due in 2015 and it is hot lava spouting glowing embers of sunsoaked sounds. I first heard him drop this at his LA show and have been waiting patiently for its release. Well its finally here, and its infinitely on repeat.

2. “Inside Out (Tycho Remix)” Spoon
Tycho knows how to make me feel all the feels. I’m impressed, dumbfounded, relaxed and elated with this new remix by the chill pill dealer. Tycho rarely ever does remixes and its surprising he chooses a song like this. Obvious there must be a personal love for the band and I share that with him. It has a fantastic energy to it with all the best parts of Spoon’s track rising to the top of this layered treat that goes full pyschachillic mode around the 2:30 mark. Its nice to hear Tycho’s signature stylings with a vocal companion and I hope he takes that evolution to his next album. Until then lets enjoy this melter.

3. “Boardwalks (KarlK Edit)” Little May
May the sun be on your face when you listen to this song and may the winds of wild adventure be at your back. Its one of those songs that pushes you forward, to face the beauty of the world. KarlK has been magnificent lately with his remix and original work, carefully crafting a perfect housey melodic concoction that goes down real easy. Little May’s voice echoes through like a ringing bell in a forest of lush sounds and dreamy acoustic and percussive arrangements.

4. “Back To The Ordinary (Jerry Folk Remix)” Kid Astray
Quit if you want quaint. Retire if you’re reserved. Cuz this blaring beast is bold and sexy. Lace up your flyest kicks and spare no expense on the groove you're about to spend. If you have some Christmas shopping to do put this on while you do it and dance through the department store. You won't know what the hell you bought by the end but I'm sure they'll like it. Most important you had a damn great time.

5. “Feed the Rhythm” Client Liaison
Welcome to Outback Funkhouse, may I take your order? Where has Client Liaison been all my life. I’m seeing Flight Facilities tonight at The Regent Theatre LA and noticed these fellow aussie lads were on the bill as well. Holy buckets this stuff is some fly, funky goodness. Its a sound that evokes dreams of 80s synth funk oasises filled with groovy disco flamingos hoppin on the good foot. After you watch the music video (included below as well) you’ll understand what these groovin goofs are all about. These guys are one of the hottest, most well-produced acts to watch in 2015 and to enjoy right now.

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6. “Unmissable (Le P Remix)” Gorgon City
When you create a song that sounds like a sexy Snapple commercial i think you're doing something right in the genre. Le P decorates the indiedance house track for a luau with all the right amenities to make it island authentic.

7. “Careless” Cedric Zeyenne, Enormous Tunes
Where am I? This song might make you second guess if you’re in a dream or awake but after the first vocal scats float across the deep house bassline you just don’t care anymore. Before you know it you’re in a neon pulsing, smoke filled karaoke bar and a downpitched George Michael fills the airwaves. Newcomer Cedric Zeyenne out of Zurich is the puppeteer of this menagerie and with a backing like the Enormous Tunes family I’m sure he has a lot more places to take us.

8. “Cool Kids (RAC Remix)” Echosmith
RAC has certainly been having a great year. I’ve always dug his well curated remixes but this song really stood out to me from his work as of late. Its a sort of anthem about being unhip for the hip cats to sing thanks to a shakin, twinkling beat that makes it everything but uncool.

9. “Where Is My Mind” FMLYBND
Fire flames. FMLYBND’s daymaker cover of The Pixies classic is burning holes through the speakers with a synth soaked build up and creature inducing R&B dubby bassdrop. These local heroes are dropping a song a month for free starting in January.

10. “Wandering Star” Empire of the Sun
Empire of the Sun gives us a little present for the holidays with a new track off the new ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ soundtrack. This tranquil cloud rider is the perfect sleepy Saturday morning song that will keep you nestled warm in its glow and the covers. It sounds more like their debut album than their latest more electronic laden sophomore styling and we are happy to have those white sand warriors walking along the shore with us.

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