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Top Tropical House / Chill Music Week 51 - ­ New Electronic Music

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Top Tropical House / Chill Music Week 51 - ­ New Electronic Music

Its time to finish up your holiday tropping and we’ve got a fire sale of tracks that will light you up like a Christmas tree. Baby its cold outside but your body will feel warm like a summer rain once the tunes on this week’s top tropical and chill chart wash over you. We are highlighting some of the best young talent in the tropical game this time around and this chart is meant to be listened all the way through. It builds up, breaks it down and will get you feeling the sunshine all the way down to your cold lil elf shoes. Rock your ugly Christmas sweaters, find your mistletoe mate and become the Fanta Santa with a soundtrack to will get your Chillmas off to a great start.


1. “Adagio for strings (Chillion Remix)” Samuel Barber

Now THIS is how you to start off a chart. It’s so chill that it gives me chills. One of the best parts about covering this new emerging genre of house music is how people are trying out tropical remixes of songs for the very first time. Artists like Chillion and a couple others I’m going to speak about later are brave and creative in their song choices. I never thought I’d hear this beautiful song with such a fresh flavor coasting through it. It just works. I think the strings always lend to melodic and tropical house and Chillion has made me a firm believer. Bravo maestro.

2. “Heart Pain” Alceen & Deeperise, No Definition
Welcome to the freakin weekend. Gather up the amigos, pour a couple drinks and mob up to spot. This is the kind of song that rolls down the windows and screams to the world, I’m here to groove and ain’t nothing or nobody stopping me. Its a sunsetter and nightmaker, hypnotizing in its slow crawl built on clipping bongos and acoustics that lures you in before eating you whole. Alceen of Greece & Deeprise of Turkey know how to work that mediterranean deep house sound that we love so much and this track will treat you right and take you to breakfast in the morning. Actually brunch, because its a classy bae and likes to party.

3. “Distraction” Slaptop
Please excuse any typos in the write-up for this song, I’m a little preoccupied dancing my face off to it. San Francisco can put another feather in its cap of incredible talent thanks to the infectious vibe of hometown Slaptop. They remixed Zhu earlier this summer and for good reason. Their funky house spell is on par with the mysterious Great and Powerful Oz-like producer, full of tasty treats along the yellow brick dancefloor.

4. “Give Me Sunshine (Sprada Remix)” Santa Maradona F.C.feat. Lucy Spraggan
This song feels too good, just like the sunshine that lovelty Lucy Spraggan sings about. Even in California the winter is here. We’ve all lost our base tans and could use a little Vitamin D in our life. While this song isn’t giving off any UVB rays it’ll give you a contact summertime high with a shakin bakin slew of jammy instrumentals. The acoustic folky flavors of the original keeps the head swinging side to side but its remixer Spada that really gives it that more alive feeling with a fire dancing tropy beat.

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5. “Numb/Encore (N2N Tropical Remix)” Jay Z & Linkin Park
As soon as this song hits the workweek will officially be over. The young gunner N2N is packin tropical heat with a one of a kind rework of the classic mashup by Linkin Park and Hova. This remix is able to contain a very intense classic track by harnessing the power of its lyrics and some underlying beat elements and then building a beach house around it with a paradise filled toolkit. The New York producer continues his streak of well curated song choices and we here at Magnetic Mag are flying south for the winter with him.

6. “Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)” Cazzette
We’re making sand angels while we jam out to this beachin beat by two of the best in the biz. Thero and Hotel Garuda’s tiki torcher is the king of the rock in the growing pile of remixes of this summer’s hot hit by Cazzette. I appreciate that they take no time in getting into the song. It spanks that bikini’d butt into high gear and gets the footwork turned up to high. Oh, AND there’s a sexy sax. If theres a trend for 2014 its gettin #saxy.

7. “Illuminate feat. Years & Years (MJ Cole Remix)” Tourist
A great voice goes a long way but a great beat can take things to another level. Years & Years supplies a sexy crooning chorus to accompany the great Tourist’s track and MJ Cole brings the party pack of supplies to keep it going into the wee disco hours. It is powerful and impressive in how easy it lures you out onto the club floor. You won’t know what’s gotten into you and you definitely won’t care.

8. “Running (Plastic Plates Remix)” Cassian, Sweat It Out
Everyone looks and feels like super models once this song transcends from the speakers. Plastic Plates knows how to work a sexy song into an undeniable temptress and this voluptuous take will get any catwalk roaring. Deep house is in a season of greatness with so many directions to go from its slinking beat and Felix Bloxsom is at the front lines leading at least one of the genres cavalrys to a soul burning victory.

9. “Back Home (Bender Remix)” MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein
Maybe it’s the piano and horn combo, maybe it’s the soulful voice singing about being back home, maybe I’m just projecting holiday spirit but this song feels like Christmas in paradise. Every Christmas my tradition with the family in North County San Diego is to go to the beach and get in the waves. This song reminds me of that great time and I’m gonna ride this song all the way until that moment. Bender has had a fantastic year, opening for Zhu in New York recently and puting out a slate of great tracks. Cheers to him and cheers to our ears.

10. “Pink Medicine” Bearson
I’ve been following Bearson for some time now and this is somehow the first time I’ve had a chance to write about him. I think I’ve waited for the perfect moment because this is a big one. The tropstep is alive and well in this first original from the young stunner from Norway, something that the likes of ODESZA would be very proud. The zipping heavy synths, percussion fireflies and cascading vocal arrangement are all balanced in a tight ferocious song by this talented soul melter and dancefloor puppeteer. Lace up your shoes or better yet kick them off in a fit of joy and cruise around the dance party. WOOP WOOP!

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