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UPDATE: Fabric Survives, But Faces New Regulations

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Fabric Survives, But Faces New Regulations

Fabric made it through the night, but the famous London club took a beating.

According to the Islington Gazette, the city's licensing committee voted to keep the club open but levied a handful of new rules including ID scans and drug dogs. And Fabric has some bones to pick. In an official statement the club stated:

We’ve always taken great pride in our relationship with both parties and the open ended nature of our communication. Nevertheless we are disappointed with the outcome of last night’s review and the fact that our points weren’t taken on board.

The London Standard pointed out a some of the added regulations and dog rules "as part of a package of conditions":

The club will also have to introduce ID checks on all clubbers, improve CCTV and increase drug searches at the door as part of a package of conditions. [...] It will now become the first club in London to have drug dogs regularly on patrol. [...] Paddy Whur, the club’s solicitor, said: “They will need seven dogs per night because they can only work for a certain number of hours."

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Fabric, however, put to rest any fears of the club turning into a PetsMart:

UPDATE: Fabric Survives, But Faces New Regulations

But not all is said and done. And Fabric made it abundantly clear that any new rules won't be enforced just yet.

None of the proposed measures will come in to effect until after the outcome of an appeal process. We genuinely look forward to getting on with what we do best, putting on forward thinking events, starting tonight and all throughout the busy festive and New Year period.

The parties are clearly at odds about the situation, but Fabric said they do agree with one important point:

Our chief and only consideration has - and always will be - for the safety, well-being and best interests of the people that come to this venue. If we disagree on any points it is because we feel there is a better and more well thought out approach that would better protect our patrons.

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