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Video Takes House Tune 'Deep Down Inside' Very Seriously

Video Takes House Tune 'Deep Down Inside' Very Seriously

There's deep house, and then there's this. French artist Rico has long been about exploring new territory, but when a video of his new track "Deep Down Inside" showed up on Hammarica, the only one not left breathless was apparently the diver.

The video matches the soft decent of Rico's track beautifully. A diver submerges himself deeper and deeper underwater alongside Rico's 3-minute track, down a hole, and into a black abyss. All, seemingly, on one breath. A Facebook comment stated what clearly is on everyone's mind: "Where's his air tank and light? Not human".

We were curious, so we looked up the Guinness World Record for holding your breath and found that it's 22 minutes. Still, don't let that stop you from admiring this marvel. And don't let that make you think you can do this either.


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"Deep Down Inside" is from Rico's new label Bimini and comes alongside remixes by Denver B, XPANS, and Dubelu. All deep but in different respects. If the original took place in the ocean, then Denver B's remix is off in the cosmos, XPANS is back in time, and Dubelu is inside your mind. All mixes available now on Beatport.

Currently Miami-based, Rico previously created the label Oxygen Records (coincidence?) and makes it clear that he's not just treading water. "This is our best release so far because it defines [Bimini], we don’t want to be stuck only in one genre."

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