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World Premiere: Karol XVII & MB Valence "Rhythmer"


About ten years ago, Karol XVII & MB Valence started crafting their distinct brand of house music and in the process they set up their own record label, Loco Records in order to release their own music and license it to other labels. Back in 2008, they were recognized by DJ Mag as the best Polish DJs and in 2010 they were nominated by the Beatport Music Awards as one of the best Deep House artists.  Fast-forward to the present and here they are ready to kick off 2015 with a sound of their own on their label Loco Records.

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Magnetic Magazine is proud to present you with the world premiere of "Rhythmer" by Karol XVII & MB Valence aka Karol Samocki & Marek Bigajski.  The premiere of "Rhythmer" here is one-half of their upcoming "I'm A Rhythmer EP" which is due out on January 5th via their own imprint, Loco Records.  It will be the 87th release on their label and of course the first of the year for them.  It's a percussive number with repeating vocal samples and delicate melodies that ebb and flow throughout the tune.

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"Rhythmer" is based on a concept by Karol XVII & MB Valence as explained here:

"WHO IS A PRODUCER OF CLUB MUSIC?" Is such a person a musician? In some cases they certainly are, but while making music, do the sounds dedicated to the dance floor and created by a musician play the most vital part? A music producer is without doubt a man who knows how to run DAW software. But, is it really important while producing this kind of music? A man like that definitely has to be a good sound engineer. But still, does that count? A musician, a programmer, a sound engineer? Is such a person able to create a dance floor track? In certain circumstances, the most crucial thing a producer can offer to party people is the rhythm. It is the rhythm that deliberately or    subconsciously    makes    you
experience the most intense emotions. During a break, the tension grows and everyone waits for the rhythm. Regardless of the way, the rhythm occupies a crucial role at a party. It is the rhythm that gets you interested or bored, but either way it is omnipresent in the world of clubbing. It is constantly created by producers, programmers, musicians, sound engineers - simply RHYTHMERS.

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