Zhu Gives Cloaked In-Studio Interview With Triple J


Why The ZHU Reveal Exposes More About Us

Zhu Interview with Triple J

So we've checked with the Internet powers that be and the Skrillex X Zhu X Stereosonic news nearly broke the web yesterday. Essentially the story is this, Skrillex showed up at the end of Zhu's Stereosonic set and thanked everyone for their support of the Zhu project.

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Calm down, Skrillex is not Zhu... But what we know is that it looks like Zhu's identity is getting closer to being revealed.

While in town for Stereosonic, he dropped by the the Triple J studios in Australia to give an in studio interview where he discussed his music, what it's like to remain anonymous, and some of the benefits of doing so. Take a listen:

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