2-Dimensional DJ Deck Will Make Your Head Spin


2-Dimensional DJ Deck Will Make Your Head Spin

The three-dimensional DJ deck is so old fashioned. It's about time someone trimmed it down so it could fit into an album sleeve. DJ QBert and the company who makes Djay software just manufactured a 2-dimensional DJ deck (or more appropriately, sheet). Based on the video, this technological marvel might be the coolest thing you’ll never want to use. As reported on YourEDM.com:

Partnering with Algoriddim, the founder of the djay app, and Novalia, a company that makes interactive paper, QBert has put together an incredibly innovative album cover that doubles as a Bluetooth powered DJ controller when partnered with your smartphone.

Funded by an incredibly prosperous kickstarter campaign which raised over $128,000 for a $100k goal, most of the printed albums will go to those that helped fund the project. However a limited amount will be available at Thud Rumble, here.

Cool technology no doubt. And once you get past the obnoxious video mix, it does seem to have some serious potential (at least in the long term). But for now it’s just a magical wonder that will leave people amazed and then quite possibly annoyed. What do you think? Is this the future of mixing, or just a new wave of toy?

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