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Alvin Risk Tour Dropping Immersive Video Experience

Alvin Risk Tour Dropping Immersive Video Experience

Alvin Risk is in the middle of his audio/visual tour performing his latest EP Venture, with support from Kodak to Graph. *If you're in Boulder, CO - check out the Alvin Risk tour tonight

Alvin sat down with his family at Nest HQ to create a preview of what was going on in his mind while making the EP, and what may go on in yours if you’re lucky enough to catch him perform it live.

The Nest HQ video features Alvin’s thoughts on each of the tracks, often under a voice concealer and switching back and forth between shadowy interviews, stunning apocalyptic scenery, and the eerie explosives noises that we expect from him. Alvin plays with the themes of worlds, existing, consciousness and questioning “reality."

He crushes the common misconception that outsiders have of electronic musicians (just being button pushers, pressing play on a pre recorded set).

“The live show is going to make Venture make a lot more sense. I want to kind of create a set that really showcases just the ideas behind all of the songs. There will be a performance aspect to it as well, so it wont sound perfect, that’ll be better."

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This deep imagery illustrates the meticulous thought that has gone into each song of the EP and how Alvin wants the listener to experience it. But just when we think that we understand what is going on, Alvin brings us back to an 8-bit style video game, flying through space while killing monsters.

Alvin Risk has us anxious to step further into his world to get the full effect of his music. We’ll be at his show February 6th at the El Rey in Los Angeles, though we’ll really have no idea what to expect. If we did, where would the fun be in that?

Check out his other tour dates below and hope that there is one close to you. If not, watch this video on repeat (check out the insane powerhouse of talent he names in his credits)
and listen to the full Venture EP here. The EP is also available to purchase on iTunes or you download it for free via Alvin's website.

1/24 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO
1/30 - Electric Owl - Vancouver, BC
1/31 - Mezzanine - San Francisco, CA
2/6 - El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles, CA

3/13 – Toronto, CN
4/10 – Coachella
4/17 – Coachella

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