New, Amazingly Strange Majid Jordan Video


New, Amazingly Strange Majid Jordan Video

We typically don’t go all-out dancing in public to music nobody else can hear because, well, it would look pretty insane. When you're listening to a good house tune in your headphones, it’s publicly acceptable to just nod your head to the beat.

Well... this new Majid Jordan video just flipped that whole social construct on its head.

The dude in the video just cannot stop dancing and it's fantastic. At the corner store, in the metro, through vacant buildings - the dude is just in his own world. It’s almost as if he’s some musical alien lost in a world without sound. He’s not creepin’, he’s groovin’. But sometimes it really does look like he’s creeping (that corner store scene...).

The reactions from the common folk are pretty hilarious and the dance moves are slick. It’s just another stunning visual display from Majid Jordan off their latest EP A Place Like This. Their previous video for “Her” has been praised by Vimeo, and the video for their title track certainly tells an interesting story.

It’s always refreshing to see someone do something different and this video for "Forever" is literally the embodiment of that. Directed by Jamie Webster of Common Good, it’s way more entertaining than concert footage of a thousand people all doing the same thing - standing, holding their hands in the air and screaming.

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