Aphex Twin Dropping Hundreds Of Downloads?


Aphex Twin Dropping Hundreds Of Downloads?

There might be hundreds of unheard downloads coming from Aphex Twin. If you believe user48736353001 is Aphex Twin at least.

A new post from the mysterious Soundcloud user has noted February 7th as the day of the drop. The user gained the attention of deadmau5 and several others this past week by unloading a plethora of mesmerizing electronic material.

The name behind the releases is "user48736353001" but many tags and user comments suggest the cosmic sounds are coming from Richard David James - Aphex Twin.

The Guardian UK said over 100 tracks have been released, but we're too astonished to count. Either way, a new message broadcast from user48736353001 indicated that you might actually get to download these tracks very soon.

***hello humans, hopefully im gunna start making all these tracks downloadable from 6pm next saturday 7th Feb, -user48736353001

The tracks sound as if they know no place in space and time. They've arrived on Soundcloud as if they exist on some superior level to which DJ Mags Top 100 is as insignificant as an ant on a sidewalk. They let the music do the music do the talking, not some flashy name or radio premiere. They're far beyond that. Aphex Twin or not, it really doesn't matter, and it's a mystery better left shrouded.

Aphex Twin's official new albumComputer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP is out now.

Listen to all of the tracks and prepare for a download binge February 7th. It's not clear what time zone 6pm means so clear you're whole day.

Some info sourced from article from The Guardian

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