Automatic Cue Points For Serato and Traktor With New Mixed In Key Update

Automatic Cue Points For Serato and Traktor with Mixed In Key 7.0


Screenshot from official Mixed In Key video teaser

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Wait... what?!

Some fear that the gap between artificial intelligence and the human touch is dwindling, and it is. Between the advances in post-production and mastering software brought to you by Landr, and the recent addition of automatic cueing, the "HAL9000 complete DJ experience" is not too far away. With the just-released Mixed In Key 7.0, we're closer than ever before.

Fear not! As the producers of the popular Flow software, Mixed In Key, give you but a sample of what they're cooking up in the lab, and it's not going to take over your decks and make them go Robocop on the dancefloor. Automatic queing is a HUGE step towards controller autonomy, which gives DJs more time to find the right mix, and less time pore over the details. In the video, the infamous Daniel Kim promises that Mixed In Key will somehow know where to place the perfect cue points. At first, I called bullshit. It's one thing for a computer to know when to fade, adjust Key/Tempo, or even EQ a song in real-time, but cues were something I thought only the human ear could perfect... Wrong.

Watching Serato automatically select cues (the same I probably would've chosen) was a little strange, but what great leap in technology isn't at first? While this won't change the face of DJin'g, it will certainly change the way DJs interact with their software, and I cant wait to see what Mixed In Key's got in store for us next!
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