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Best New Future Bass Songs Chart - 1.19.15

New Future Bass Songs 2014 — Week 50

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Unfortunately, it's now Monday, and we're all waiting for next weekend. Fortunately, I have some new music that should help you make it through the week. This week's best new future bass songs chart is packed with fresh, futuristic tunes for you that should help if you’re having a rough Monday. Hudson Mohawke, Falcons, Shlohmo, and High Klassified are just a few of the artists who have music featured in this week’s chart. Turn on, tune in, chill out.

1. "Earl Sweatshirt Being Offensive" - Diversa
This track earned the number one spot in this week's new future bass songs thanks to the sample of one of my all time favorite Earl Sweatshirt songs, “Drop."

2. "Miss You (Vocal Edit)" - Mura Masa feat. Wade
The addition of Wade’s vocals turn this chilled out future bass tune into a sweet, neo-soul ballad.

3. "Get It On" - Luca Lush & Josh Pan
Never thought I would hear Marvin Gaye in a future bass tune, but Luca Lush and Josh Pan made it happen. This one starts off slow and then picks up the pace transitioning to future house.

4. "Oriental Colours" - Laetho
I’ve been obsessed with this track ever since I first heard it on Plastician’s Rinse FM radio show, and now it’s finally available.

5. "As Always" - KRNE
Melodic and mellow vibes from KRNE on this one. Perfect tune to relax to.

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6. "Brrrrrr (What Happened)" - Falcons
One of Falcons' many releases in his series of free Christmas tracks. This one is a DJ tool he uses in most of his sets.

7. "Parallel Jalebi (Hudson Mohawke Remix)" - Four Tet
This remix is easily the best of the LuckyMe advent calendar. Starts off so chill and majestic, and then morphs into a classic HudMo banger.

8. "Biesta" - High Klassified
High Klassified makes great use of Mia Martina’s track “Beast” on his latest release.

9. "Wop That Wandy" - Orphic
I don't usually post glitch music, but I had to include this one. Funk fresh beats from one of the glitch scene's future greats.

10. "Emerge From Smoke" - Shlohmo
Since this week’s chart featured mostly chill music, I thought I’d close it out with something super chill and moody from Shlohmo. Apparently Shlohmo’s going to be touring with a live band on his upcoming tour, and I can’t wait to hear this one live with a full band behind him.

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