Above & Beyond Kayzo Remix Will Be 'Scaring U' - Free Download


Above & Beyond Kayzo Remix Will Be 'Scaring U' - Free Download

Don't mess with the classics. Never. No. Kayzo... why are you getting so close to Above & Beyond's "Sun & Moon"? What are you doing? You're not - no. No! What have you done?!!!! Whoa. What have you done? This is insane. Oh, and we can download it for free?

The Above & Beyond Kayzo Remix had us scared there for a minute, but now it's really become crazy -  turning trance into a festival banger and all. Those blood-rushing synths have been driven past eleven, and vocals which once led into a trance "heaven" are now leading somewhere entirely destructive. Kayzo keeps the passion alive by retaining several happy elements, but then sparks a massive hardstyle fire. On what sounds at first like a delicate rework is quickly shocked into another plane of existence. It's pretty fantastic.

Kayzo has a history of adding a outrageously hard element to mixes on tracks such as Jack U's "Take U There", but also just released a d&b mix to Alesso's "Heroes". Both worth checking out via Soundcloud.

As LessThan3.com reported, Kayzo himself described the track as "making u cry and scaring u." No doubt there. The original released on Above & Beyond's 2011's Group Therapy album and the beautifully bastardized remix can be downloaded for free below.

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