Above & Beyond Unleash Bold New Single & Video - All Over The World



The world needs as much positivity and hope as possible, so with that in mind, I say thank God for Above & Beyond. On January 20th, they release their latest album We Are All We Need, and to work everyone into an absolute ecstatic frenzy, they have released a rather cinematic video for their new track "All Over the World" Over featuring Alex Vargas.

This video is a bold adaptation of the film Catch Me If You Can, focusing on a fractured relationship between father and con-artist son. It’s a rather ambitious video with its high aim appropriately matching the big magic Above & Beyond unleash in the song. I have to say it was a rather pleasant surprise to see the video was shot and available to stream in 4K, so for all the techies in Las Vegas for CES, you’re in luck with some great content to toss up on those shiny new televisions.

I applaud Above & Beyond for the pursuit of a significant narrative in the video. It is not an easy thing to do in an age where music videos are seldom respected. They are a trio that is known for their deep sensibilities, and I feel the content of the video really helps guide you to fully grasp their intention with the meaningful songwriting and musicality. Overall, the song is a winner, and Above & Beyond carry the flame of positive vibes and seemingly the best of everything in a world.

This song is a hit, and it’s going to hit so hard on the group's We Are All We Need Tour! So, get with it, get your ticket, and prepare for some deep good feels with Above & Beyond!


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