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The Brighton Music Conference Returns For Artists, Industry

Artists & Industry Leaders Set To Party Again In Brighton

If you're a budding DJ or producer, you know there's a lot of competition out there. The industry has grown so much that you're not the only person playing deep, acid house anymore. Thankfully, the industry is growing along with it. Events keep popping up to help you master your technique and get your career spinning. The Brighton Music Conference (BMC) in the UK's only electronic music conference, and just announced it's big leap for 2015.

There are two different sides to the conference - the BMC Academy and the BMC Professional.

Artists and talent will want to take a look at securing Academy tickets. The academy offers master classes, panels and talks.

Meanwhile, Professional tickets are more for you industry promoters and entrepreneurs.The Professional side will be a place to connect with other industry leaders through a series of panels, targeted networking events and access to three nights of events and parties across Brighton. Panels will discuss the future sustainable growth of EDM.

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Both types of tickets allow access to two days of exhibition and tech showcases, panels and interviews. It doesn't sound like you can lose either way. Contributors and partners already include Ableton, Native Instruments, Sennheiser, YouTube, Facebook, BPI, Beatport, DJ Mag, PRS, Youth Music, Ableton, Native Instruments, Funtion One and more.

Artists & Industry Leaders Set To Party Again In Brighton

The event(s) will take place June 5th and 6th at Brighton Dome, UK and other venues. The announcement follows the similar Rio Music Conference and 100% talent oriented-Red Bull Music Academy, this year taking place in Paris. The city of Brighton itself will also be home to the first ever Wild Life Festival put on by Disclosure at the city's airport.

Academy tickets start at just £10 while the professional side starts at £59.

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