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Calvin Harris Signs Exclusive 3-Year Hakkasan Deal

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Calvin Harris Signs Exclusive 3-Year Hakkasan Deal

Grammy Award-winning artist Calvin Harris has some "great ideas" for his newly-secured and exclusive 3-year deal with Hakkasan.

We already knew Harris carries some clout in this world. Charts and awards aside, the guy has reached over one billion streams on Spotify with one single - "Blame." So, this doesn't really say much to us about the artist. Rather, it points to Hakkasan's continued focus on dance music.

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"Hakkasan Group's heritage in part goes right back to the '90s golden era of dance music," Harris said, "and I am excited to be able to play a part in this next chapter of its story. Its venues are some of the best in the world for dance music and the opportunity to be part of the wider group as it develops into other markets and sectors is a really exciting prospect for me as an artist. We have some great ideas up our sleeves."

Harris will hold residencies at Hakkasan Nightclub, WET REPUBLIC (at MGM Grand) and the new Omnia Nightclub (at Caesars Palace) opening this spring which has a pretty impressive overall lineup already.

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