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Chaim the Romantic! Chaim the Deep! Chaim the Melodic! [Interview]


I do not believe I have encountered a cooler musician than Chaim. He might not be a big name in dance music but he is a notable character on the rise. My attention was drawn to Chaim after I began to scrutinize the Rumors roster and upon a closer listen to his body of work, I was immediately drawn in. Then with a metaphorical boom, I became a rapid fan.

Chaim makes deep music, and I don't just mean deep house music. There is something substantive, something meaningful in his original productions and remixes. There is a grace that is easily perceived in his technique, and this enables the man to make deeply moving works that move between melodic, melancholic and romantic so elegantly, you would think it was just that easy of a thing to do.

I put a few questions to this deep character, and I received some very insightful responses.I must really hit this home, this man is a character! He doesn't just march to the beat of his own tune, he makes that beat and then marches to it! He is a personal dance music producer, and all aspiring artists would do well to really consider the words of the man who goes by the name Chaim.

Let’s get started this way, you make beautiful music! What does it sound like in Chaim’s head?

As most of the more emotional melodic/melancholic tracks I do in my head it sounds like a soundtrack. Somehow I try to make it as romantic as possible. It's easier to express this with music than my actual every day life. I always imagine a different kind of scene in my head when I work. I imagine the reaction of different people I know. I use every emotion I can at this specific moment, and I have too many of those :), to express myself with the melody and the beat.

How did you 2014 go?

It's gone pretty well. I made a lot of new music. I moved to NYC, which influenced a lot of my music. I have several releases ready for 2015, including new one for Rumors and a new remix I did for Groove Armada featuring Brian Ferry. I made some changes via agents and new management and and most importantly I bought myself some new Analog Toys :)

Your latest release on Rumors, ‘Too Dark For You’ sounds spiritual and serene, can you give me a bit of insight as to what you were feeling with this song? Also, what were you hoping to achieve?

I made this one around 2 years ago not in the most amazing moment in my life. I was living in berlin, winter cold as hell. I used to stay at a friend's house which was really dark, not enough light. We used to work in his basement which was the darkest place ever! We had this moment of everything where we came out of those days asking each other what is dark and what too dark. It was more like a jock to annoy each other. Anyways,
right before I left berlin, I found this vox of the sweet Meital De Razon on my computer and I start playing with it and this emotional track came out. This track is kind of belongs to another period of my career. I think I actually sent it to Guy Gerber a long time ago and I totally forgot about it... I love this track, but I feel like I haven't touched this sound for a while if you compare it to the latest things I have released, but at the same time, it is giving ideas for future projects, in a way.

After this track, I released more melodic and more aggressive beats for bigger clubs and this track came out now. It's so the opposite of that with the warm chords and the sweet voice of Meital. It's perfect timing for me because since I moved to NY my music took another turn back to more housey and warm sounds. I have a great follow up with 3 new tracks for Rumors that are going to be released around WMC 2015.

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What is the essence of Chaim? How would you sum yourself up succinctly in a few choice words?

A guy that changes his opinion about the world every minute, every Day.

You are known as a renowned remixer. Do you have a specific approach or philosophy that guides you when you rework another artists work?

It's more fun for me to do a remix than an original track. I kind of feel more artistic freedom in a way. I know the the artist of the original track expects you to bring something different. Sometimes I take it too far until it doesn't sound like the original at all [sorry :)], but I always take a main piece of vocal, for example, and use it in my version.

What are the top definitive Chaim songs that really represent what Chaim is? And you mind telling us why you chose those?

Love Rehab feat. Meital De Razon
Blue Shadow
Your around me
Westboy-Sliva (Chaim remix)
Too Dark For You
Angels with Gerber & P.Diddy

There are few more of course, but these are the ones that came to my mind in this second. I choose them because I know how I felt when I wrote them and I feel that they have the magic that you really remember and never forget. I can't really think about every track I have done, not all the tracks have the same magic, so I find these more special than others.

What can we expect from Chaim in the next year? Any big releases? Collaborations? Tours?

Well, actually I have a big new release for Rumors which includes 3 tracks. Each is going in a different direction, but they all have a more positive vibe; a very open air vibe, but at the same time, a kind of twisted half old school kind of vibe, and one of the tracks is like a deep follow Up to 'Blue Shadow ' with Caribbean style of chords.

I am very exited about this one and several of the remixes I've done recently. One of them is for groove armada for the song they did with Brian Ferry called 'Shameless'. I promised a very special remix for this one very dirty kind of house and I'm already preparing my live set for the RUMORS Party at BPM, Canibal, Royal and many more that I can't recall at the moment.

Where do you see the Chaim project going from here? How are you progressing and evolving? Or are you just intuitively going with the flow?

Really focusing on my live set right now, working really hard to bring it to the sound I want; to make it more slow, more emotional, more detailed and improving the sound as much as possible.

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