Dancing Cop Gets Low At Music Festival

Cop In A Dance-Off At Music Festival?


Screenshot from video

You might think all police at festivals are far removed from the scene, but you’d be wrong. It appears as though a cop at an Australian festival had enough of policing, and an urge for dancing.

Festival goers can be seen surrounding the purported officer of the law and another person as they dance wildly to some house tune. The dancing cop even flips his cap backwards.

How’s that for progressive policing?

Australia’s Field Day was just hammered with arrests earlier this month so this is certainly a welcome sight. So next time you’re at a festival, and you see a cop, just remember… deep down they might be nodding their head to the beat, just waiting to express themselves.

Mixmag was quick to share the video which was filmed at the Rainbow Serpent festival in Lexington, Victoria, in Australia. It attracts around 10,000 people each year to it’s celebration of “dance, colour, and expression.”

"The name Rainbow Serpent is distinctly Australian, coming from the Dreamtime creation story told by the traditional owners of the land. Dreamtime stories often vary between aboriginal tribes, however the story of the Rainbow Serpent is special as it is one of the few common to all. The Rainbow Serpent is protector of the land, and the source of all life." - Rainbow Serpent Festival

We can't confirm if that's a real cop... but it seems legit. Or at least it should be.

Original Story via Mixmag

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