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deadmau5 Deploying RoboMau5 For Guv

deadmau5 Deploying RoboMau5 For Guv


This isn't the one from the show. But it looks similar. From the deadmau5 Facebook page: "Tom Bostic at just delivered this mau5terpiece of a head to the office today! my fans fuckin own! #mechamau5"

The last show ever to be played at Guvernment Toronto is tonight, and deadmau5 already has something to show for it. He tweeted that “Tonight. Is going to be fuckin crazy” before dropping this Instagram video of two RoboMau5 gearing up to wreck the place.

deadmau5 has hinted that the show “will require a good bit of constant attention from me” and that he might not be wearing a helmet. Having said that, there is now no doubt that some form of a mau5 will appear. It should be a memorable last show for Toronto’s club Guvernment who is closing it’s doors after 18 years.

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In a recent reddit AMA, deadmau5 hinted that his future performances may be moving away from him wearing the helmet, but all that means is you can expect more live mixing and unique performances.

Looks like the Guv is going out in fashion with these RoboMau5 wrecking balls.


A video posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on Jan 25, 2015 at 2:59pm PST

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