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deadmau5 Documentary Has Stories To Tell

deadmau5 Gumball Documentary Has Stories To Tell

There’s plenty of stories to be made when you’re cruising around the world with deadmau5 in his Purrari. This new, short documentary shines some light on at least of few of them.

The deadmau5 documentary follow's the artist’s journey across the world as part of the Gumball 3000. It includes him being pulled over by British police in his Purrari and assuring them he will “pussy-foot it” until he gets to France. The cop didn't seem to get the joke.

The Verge was first to break the story and also noted that "Zimmerman's go-driver was Tory Belleci of MythBusters fame". So there's a lot to take in, even if you know whether or not he wins the “Spirit of the Gumball."

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The Gumboil 3000 is an annual car rally that brings in a ton of celebrities and viewers every year. It describes itself as "a week long festival hosted by global cities, closing off streets to organize music concerts, action sports demos and spectacular car shows that now achieve live crowds of over a million people, and a televised and online audience that reaches over 60 million households in over 100 countries. [...] Described by Vanity Fair magazine as ‘the most rock ‘n’ roll car rally ever staged’.'"

Dear Purrari - It was fun "pussy-footing" with you. You will be missed.  Missed... but always remembered. Video via The Verge.

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