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Did deadmau5 Hint At Headless Future?

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Did deadmau5 Hint At Headless Future?


Photo from deadmau5 Facebook page

deadmau5 took to reddit to answer some questions earlier today and revealed a few surprises. Main point, you might want to get used to seeing that pretty face of his.

He discussed a new follow-up album to 7 as "in the works" with a contrasted theme of possible "synths" and "virtues." He discussed not wanting to "ruin the surprise" with regard to more coffee runs. And when asked about tour plans, he only said "the wheels are in motion for something special, and im excited to unveil it when the time is right :D." But then this...

Maybe most importantly, he discussed his Guvernment show and hinted at a gory future...

"the Guvernment nightclub finale show will be somewhat of a precursor to the newer show builds..... im more and more keen on taking a mixing console and a whole lot of synths on stage now as oppossed to being the ableton guy with a laptop in a massive show production." [sic]

That by itself isn't overly revealing, but then he revealed exactly what kind of mau5head he'd be wearing at Guv. Will it be "some new epic mau5head" someone asked?

"actualkly, i dont think ill be carting a mousehead to guv...." [sic]

WAT. deadmau5 will make the closing performance of a historic club... without his head? This has nothing to do with Disney. He explained the reasoning further.

"i know im going to catch shit for that.... but have to been to guv when its packed? you dont wanna be wearing no friggen mouse head. believe you me. also, im going to need to be paying attention up there... that particular show will require a good bit of constant attention from me.... so no fist pumping this time im afraid :( " [sic]

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It's not like he said he's giving up the helmet. To be clear, he never even made a definitive statement about Guv. But when you read in between the lines, it should at least cause you to start mentally preparing yourself for the possibility. If the Guv show will be a "precursor to the newer show builds" which will include a "mixing console"... and he might not be wearing a helmet to Guv because the show will require "constant attention"... one can only wonder.

That's the thing about deadmau5 though, he's more than a symbol. He's an actual musician and artist. And his dissociation with EDM also came out in the discussion.

Did deadmau5 Hint At Headless Future?

When asked if he agreed that EDM was becoming repetitive and stale he said "I've been saying that for years" and also noted this...

"even today i still question my presence in the electronic music world"

He clearly doesn't see himself as some god that people should bow before. He honestly just sounds like an artist caught up in the hype and he's just embracing it. And if embracing it means making incredible music and snarky-ass Twitter comments... we're all for it - mau5head or not. Speaking of that snark, he's some more serious responses from Mr. Zimmerman...

reddit Q: Does Dillon Francis smell like butterscotch? I bet he does.
deadmau5: more like piss and wet cardboard.

if you can team up with any rapper or artist dead or alive who it will be?
i'd team up with afrojack, but he'd be dead.

You are more outspoken than most musicians on Twitter. Why do you break the more conservative mold that celebrities and public figures usually stick to?
i probably have some mental health problems.

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