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Dillon Francis Show Coming To MTV?

Dillon Francis Show Coming To MTV?


Dillon Francis does a shoey

"I think I can talk about this now" Dillon Francis said on the Triple J radio show in Australia as he discussed his upcoming MTV pilot. In case you were wondering, it won't be anything like "That's So Raven" which Francis makes a point of simply calling "bad."

The Dillon Francis show will supposedly begin filming in January but he can't give up details just yet. It's also worth noting that they're just filming the pilot, so there's no guarantee the show will actually air. "We'll have to see if they accept it," Francis notes in the interview. But given his popularity right now, we would say chances are pretty good for some bass-loving cats on tv.

Because of the artist's goofy reputation, the host had to be repeatedly assured this wasn't a joke, so you can consider that your verification.

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The story first broke on In the interview, Francis also discusses Australian citizenship and doing shoeys which, if you've been staying up on your Magnetic, you already know all about.

Dillon Francis was in Australia perfomring at the Field Day festival which made headlines this year for its record number of arrests. That part not as comical.

MTV discussion begins at 11:15 in the above interview

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