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What You're Missing In Diplo & Taylor Swift Feud

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What Your Missing In Diplo & Taylor Swift Feud


From Diplo's Facebook page tagged November 2014

Diplo has made some enemies. No doubt about that. But through his apparently life-threatening rift with Taylor Swift's fans and the recent M.I.A. burn, Diplo's managing to stay positive.

Several outlets have reported the Swift controversy, but to our knowledge, none have focused on his positivity that's managed to eek through.

All this arises from a GQ interview in which Diplo discussed the "bizarre" and "evil" reaction he's gotten to a Tweet which MTV called "sexist prodding." Strangely, Diplo says this was a social conversation taken way too far by Swift's fans. A "tongue-in-cheek joke on both sides." Something taken so far that he is "scared for [his] life."

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"I'm a pretty big [Taylor Swift] fan. [...] I think Taylor Swift is such an impactful character, that it was because she was involved that it became really big."

Not that Diplo isn't partially to blame, but he also wants people to understand his true nature.

"...You know what's cool? We're having a very feminist, epic moment right now. There's a lot of pro-feminist things. Which is really cool. I think that that's cool. And I'm probably real easy to attack right now, because I am so booty-ish, and I have these funny quirky vibes on my Internet."

All things considered, the full GQ interview is awfully interesting and something for you to make your own interpretation of. Having said that, it's never cool to be disrespectful or threaten someone's life, and it's always cool to support equal opportunities and equal rights.

So no matter what your take or who you support, we think it's important to concentrate on the positive and move forward. You may recall Diplo also recently visited the home of a fan who had to miss a show because she was diagnosed with cancer.

"I definitely want to bring out positivity" Diplo contends.

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