Disclosure Respond To Stolen-Lyric Allegations


Disclosure Respond To Stolen-Lyric Allegations

As reported earlier, Disclosure and AlunaGeorge have been sued for allegedly using stolen lyrics in several songs including "Latch". Disclosure has now issued an official response via Facebook.

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Disclosure Respond To Stolen-Lyric Allegations

Refreshing words from the UK duo. With all the similar sounding music out there, Disclosure has always had a distinct sound. It's not as if they were making safe, pop-friendly jams to get piggy-back on the EDM craze. In a June 30th interview with Billboard, the duo actually seemed somewhat perplexed that "Latch" gained such popularity.

"We thought 'Latch' was too weird for the radio and not clubby enough for the clubs," admits Guy, 23, the duo's drummer, mixer and elder sibling by three years. "It's in 6/8 time — not even 4/4, which is house's tempo."

So the lawsuit still stands as of now, but take solace in known that there's a lot to back up their statements that they've risen through their own creativity.

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