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Disclosure Sued For Using Stolen Lyrics, AlunaGeorge Too

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Disclosure Sued For Ripping Off Lyrics, AlunaGeorge Too


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The dark side of EDM strikes again. One of the more well respected duo's in the culture is at the center of an alleged scandal including their song "Latch."

According to a Pitchfork report, a songwriter is claiming that her ex-boyfriend stole her "songbook" and "passed it to industry contacts." This apparently led to three tracks on the duo's Grammy Award Nominated album Settle and an AlunaGeorge track. Pitchfork cited an NME report and noted that the tracks in question are "Latch", "White Noise", "You And Me" and "Attracting Flies."

In Billboard's review of the highly acclaimed album, they praised some of this writing.

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"There's something blindingly sad about Eliza Doolittle's voice on the single "You & Me," as the singer cuts through the steely whir of the production and allows her tone to properly convey the desperation of the lyrics."

It would certainly be sad if this was all true. But even if it is, it doesn't necessarily mean Disclosure is blatantly ripping off their music, or more accurately, their lyrics. They could very well not have known they were receiving stolen (very) goods, even if this proves to be true. Disclosure has discussed writing songs and lyrics in the past, but it's not clear if they ever took direct credit for the lyrics in these tracks.

Album credits according to list the following credits for each track in question from Settle.

"Latch" - Guy Lawrence and Howard Lawrence (Disclosure), James Napier, Sam Smith

"White Noise" - Aluna Francis, Guy Lawrence and Howard Lawrence, James Napier

"You and Me" - Eliza Caird, Guy Lawrence and Howard Lawrence, James Napier

According to the reports, the songwriter filing the suit is Katie Farrah Sopher according to Pitchfork, her ex-boyfriend accused of stealing the lyrics is Sean Sawyers. Sawyers is claiming the allegations are false. "There is zero truth to the claims made against me."

Original report by Pitchfork

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