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Drum & Bass Chart - 1.10.15


Happy New Year champs! It’s a fresh year and I am properly excited for this one. Last year was huge on the drum & bass scene, and the prospect of the next round of album launches, festivals and good times beckons. Plans scribbled into the calendar so far are whopping events like Hospitality at Building Six (this will sell out, get your ticks or run the risk of being very, inconsolably sad) and Wilkinson’s Good Friday gig at Electric Brixton. After a few weeks of festive fallout, the trickle of beats is starting to flow in again. So it's time to push aside that bucket of custard and whack your speaker up loud - time to get amongst the drum and bass of 2015!

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1. "The Countdown" - TC

A bit late in the game for a countdown, the sceptical among us may say. I say – screw it! You can count down to anything, and a dirty good drop is as good as any reason! Use it to count down the minutes while you boil your egg for all I care…anything! Get the free download here... 10…9….8...

2. "Signs" - Feint

This one gathers slowly into a beautiful tune proving itself to be both a grower, and a shower. It's more uplifting than my mum’s rum trifle on Christmas day... and believe me, that is saying something.

3. "Mushroom" - InsideInfo

This bad boy is a touch divisive by the looks of it - unconventional being one adjective used to describe. Digging the staccato drums though, and as Metamorphosis was a key track for me last year, I'd say InsideInfo is maintaining standards with this interesting little number.

4. "Drop It Low" - Frankee

Previewed this week on MistaJam’s Radio1 show, Drop It Low has got the classic mix of sweet vocals and a sick humming backdrop that causes people to go properly mental when dropped. Keep an eye on this one.

5. "Saus" - June Miller and Mefjus

Coming at you from the soon to be released EP (18th of Jan oi) comes this frantic pacer that bashes away until you collapse in a happy, satisfied pile. Saus represents in the first half of the mini-mix below. But tune in on the below at spot 1m 40s if you're impatient for some absolute bad assery.

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6. "Want You Back" - Serum (Trex Remix)

A hummer! I accidentally had two different windows open and was playing this track at the same time, and what was good by itself, was even better in stereo! Oof! Jack it up loud if you know what’s good for you…

7. "Everlasting Days (VIP mix)" - Nu:Tone feat. Lifford

Heads up for the Hospitality 2015 compilation which drops 26th Jan and was put together by Nu:Tone himself. It features this previously unreleased VIP and, if you take a look at the track list, I doubt you will be disappointed with any of the picks. Nu:Tone went out on some high last year and he shows no signs of letting up the pace with a neuro stoppy-starty headfunk of the highest quality.

8. "Ison" - Gerra & Stone

Hailing from RAM’s Program offshoot (launched in 2012 to cover a different style of track), comes this shadowy tune which houses a shit ton of build. This thing has got layers, layers I tell you!

9. "Right Now" - Break

So much going on in this track from the Bristol-based head of Symmetry Recordings – so much. Good luck skanking to this one, you'll confuse the crap out of your pins but at the very least, have a good time trying.

10. "Hit The Floor" - Wilkinson and TC

Putting mac and cheese to shame - Wilkinson and TC - deadly combo much? After TC's remix of Dirty Love, expect nothing but dirty and hard with a side of F bomb from this follow up collab. Pre-reg for tickets to Wilkinson's debut live show in April, because by that time, this track will actually blow the dancefloor to smithereens. You heard me, smithereens.

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