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Dude Drops Willy Wonka To Overtake Hate Speech

Dude Drops Willy Wonka To Overtake Hate Speech


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While we live electronic culture, sometimes we like to hear something a little different. Like when this guy on a subway decided to start bellowing “I Got the Golden Ticket” to drown out hate speech.

There was no kick drum, but the guy’s voice makes quite the impact (not to mention carries some good bass). Really, anything sounds better to us than hateful ignorance and intolerance. The singer apparently tolerated the ridiculous preachings until they became directed at a lesbian couple. At that point he decided to do something amazing.

This might not be directly related to electronic music, but we just had to share this. It's the spirit behind it, you know? You can relive the wonderful moment below thanks to the report from Mashable.

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"He chose to sing "Golden Ticket" because he wanted to belt out something "equally absurd and joyful." Maiale may have missed some of the words in the song, but his heel kick finale more than made up for it.”

Yeah, we might harp on each other now and then for the little things, but there is simply no place for intolerance. Music can be a great tool for bringing people together. We’ve seen it at festivals, and now we’re seeing it on the subway. This guy deserves more than a golden ticket. Give him a Grammy.

Original report via Mashable.

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