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Ladies and gentleman, if you were not already in the know, I would like to introduce to you the latest mau5trap monster, Eekkoo. He is a musician that is the consummate Canadian professional with a clear-cut focus on art and experimentation. I have described his music before as the preferred music of Godzilla as he amps himself up under the ocean before a massive frenzy of destruction, and I stand by my description. The man is producing some of the most impressive works of techno, tech house and progressive house. It may be generally dark, but it's awesomely strong.

Starting off as a sound engineer and sound design teacher, he has the technical know how to make the exact music he loves and wants to make. He drew the attention of deadmau5 and was immediately signed to mau5trap (Canadians stick together). The rest is a meteoric rise to prominent critical acclaim that is well deserved and well earned.

With many mau5trap signings turning into huge commercial successes, it begs a few questions: Is Eekkoo the next big thing? Is he representative of a shift to the darker tech side of things? Naturally, Eekkoo is not concerned with any of this. He is doing it for the love of it, a true artist, but this writer has absolutely no problem with an Eekkoo take over.

Now, below is the interview, but before you get to reading it, I highly recommend you listen to Eekkoo's latest 'Techno Is Not What It Seems' mix. It is absolutely an essential Eekkoo mix, and no mincing words, it's a tremendous mix. Also, people of Los Angeles! Catch Eekkoo at Avalon this Friday 1/23! GET TICKETS HERE!

You are on tour right now! How is the tour going so far?

Really good. It feels great to have people in the audience actually waiting for you to play your set and not being only the opener for someone else.

For those who are unexperienced, what is an Eekkoo set like?

People need to expect a miscellaneous set. I'm playing a bit of everything from deep house to progressive house. I'm playing what I like, and what I feel is best for the night, the crowd, the venue.

Is the mind of Eekkoo a dark, shadowy place full of monsters and other nefarious things? In this writer’s experience it sounds amazing with a touch of sinister.

Haha! Not at all. I'm a very balanced person. I just prefer minor music, which is dark and sometimes sad, but I guess I'm just having a hard time figuring how to make an happy record without producing something cheesy.

Your collaboration with Casper Whirlin and Sailor & I “Elysium” is a recent favorite of mine. Can you tell me a bit more about how that came about?

Casper Whirlin is a close friend. He recently moved back to France, but he was always sending me ideas and a very rough demo of "Elysium" caught my attention. I decided to try something with the basic idea and finally made a complete song out of it, not just a track. It became clear that this song needed a signer. A male singer. Sailor & I was up on my list. mau5trap sent his team the record and he jumped in right away. He's very talented. I'm really happy with the result.

You have said your music is natural, not forced. It is a sound that dwells in you. Can you give me some insight on this Eekkoo sound within? Are you a medium of sorts with the music moving through you?

I guess so. Haha! I mean, I am influenced by what I love.

What are a few of your favorite Eekkoo tracks & why?

Hard to tell. But yeah, "Elysium" is my first complete record. With vocals and all. Big fan of this one too. I'm really proud of "Skeptic". I just love all these sophisticated sounds on a pretty simple (to be honest) tech house groove. That's me right there.

What are some career goals in 2015?

More shows, so more countries to visit hopefully. A couple of remixer for established artists and of course, new "eekkoo" releases.

I’ve read that experimentation and freedom are core artistic values that you hold. How do these values guide and shape your music?

Well, I do what I love. Which means I'm not trying to be on the charts. Or to fit a specific genre. If it goes progressive, fine. If it goes techno, fine. Electronica, fine...

How are things going with mau5trap?

I'm working closely with them. We exchange some ideas for the future every week. A couple of singles should see the light pretty soon before releasing another EP.

Joel Zimmerman must be a frequent topic, so I will go about this question this way: Are there any highly entertaining Joelisms that you’d like to share? Or do you keep it very mau5 professional on the mau5trap roster?

Not really. I mean, I'm staying professional by default. But he's such a character. A really fun guy. We're not this close though. We've met a couple of times during our shared gigs.

Who have you been listening to and loving lately?

Proudly People, Glimpse and of course, Maceo Plex. Big fan!

Hopefully we see you releasing on Ellum one day then!

Fingers crossed.

Any parting words of wisdom for our audience or aspiring musicians?

Keep at it. No matter what. It takes a lot of time sometimes. Not everyone is as lucky and talented as Garrix.

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