Electro / Progressive Chart - 1.10.15

Electro / Progressive Chart - 1.10.15


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Electro / Progressive Chart. Week 1 of 2015. Here we go...

1. "Kerfu" - Will Sparks

Ah yeah, it's time for another Will Sparks EP, and this is first official track off Another Land. Sticking to that Melbourne sound that we all love, this song just makes you fall deeper in love with the genre. This track got my head moving, feet tapping, and hands bouncing. If you loved Deorro and r3hab's most recent tracks, then you are going to love this one. I promise you...

2. "Lion" (In my Head) - Moti

First heard at TomorrowLand this year in Hardwell and Tiesto's b2b set, this track has been a festival smasher heard all over the world. Giving off a unique feel with the vocals, accompanied by the underlying bass line that catches you...this song stood out to me this week. Having a big room kind of sound to it, yet keeping it old school made me really excited when I heard this one! Check it...

3. "Safe N Sound"- Capital Cities (Steve James Remix)

This easily earns its spot at number one this week. We all know we love the original, but what Mr. James does to this track is phenomenal, uplifting, and is a perfect example of what EDM really is. I'd remember the name Steve James because you are going to see a lot more of him in 2015.

4."Pick up the Pieces"- Maor Levi

This song really stood out solely based upon the amount of emotion that it gave me while listening to it. I got a sense of fulfillment and enlightenment during the whole track from start to finish. Heavenly sounds, accompanied by the vocals of a angel… that is this track.

5. "Tonight"- KDrew

KDrew produced a perfect mixture of mainstream EDM and real house in this song. Having a catchy, beautiful melody is what attracted me to this song at first, and then it just won me over at the chorus. It was awesome to have some singing on the drop, and it has a great bounce sound under it as well. I could totally see this song being played all over in 2015.

6. "Shake It"- Helena

Coming from Australia and living in LA, this girl has let this song show what she is capable of. Signed to Tiesto’ s Musical Freedom label, this song was played at festivals all over world in the 2014 festival season. It packs a Melbourne style to it, so it’s easy to see why many love it. It’s always good to see a female getting big in a male dominant industry.

7."Pinball" - Astronaut & Eyes (McMash Clan Remix)

I absolutely love the sound, beat, and concept of this song. It’s a masterpiece of electro and deep house. You get a general idea of what the song is going to be like, but it really catches you off guard. It even kind of reminds me of old school Knife Party. I highly encourage turning up the volume for this one.

8. "Bang"- Chuckie & Diamond Pistols feat. Hyper Crush

This is definitely a good first Melbourne track from the dirty Dutch king Chuckie. It’s awesome to hear Hyper Crush in it as well. I loved the quality of the production because it doesn’t even sound like it’s his first bounce track. You can expect to see this track get massive support going forward.

9. Fall into the Sky”- Zedd feat. Ellie Goulding (Lucky Date Remix)

Lucky Date made a excellent festival remix with this one. Keeping the originality of the song, Lucky Date still incorporated his own touch that made for a glorious outcome. It's always interesting to hear the different styles that people come to when remixing Zedd. He already has a unique style so it's awesome to see what artists do with his music. This is definitely a festival banger without a doubt.

10. "I Stay Alive”- Marc Mercs

I really enjoyed the combination of the male and female vocals mixed together. I would say the beat is generic EDM, but I think the arrangement is what made it work. I think this would work anywhere in a set. I think more songs should have the mixture of female/male vocals… that would magnificent.

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