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Exclusive Dada Life Videos Share Secrets, New Content

Exclusive Dada Life Videos Share Secrets, New Content

Believe it or not, there's a lot more to DJing that raging on stage and making festival heat in the studio. This is your chance to see what really goes on in the Dada Life. And it's not all bananas and champagne. As they say, "Freaks Have More Fun".

In the brand new exclusive Dada Life video series, the Swedish duo shares production secrets, backstage footage, and all new content. The series consists of three weeks of videos, and all you have to do is subscribe via email to throw yourself in the mix.



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For an idea of what to expect, you can check out the DJ INSIDER VIP preview video above, or just take it from the duo themselves.

"This is Dada Land. Get ready to arrive beautiful and leave ugly. There are no rules but the rules of Dada. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward. And whatever you do: don’t trust us." Sounds like a party to us!

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