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Far East Movement Remix Imagines Furious Dragons (Free Download)

Far East Movement Remix Imagines Furious Dragons (Free Download)

"I can picture a world without war, and a world without hate. And I can picture us destroying that world, because they'd never expect it." -Jack Handy

This quote is pretty much what's happened here. The Far East Movement remix turns the sappy Imagine Dragons track "On Top of the World" upside down. The transformation is nothing short of shocking.

The original had been strolling around in the sunshine, clapping and whistling long enough. The remix brings about the kind of change you'd expect from a mile-wide asteroid impact on said environment. The bass is charred and the synths struggle to survive as Far East Movement blares down on the track.

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Surprisingly, the vocals remain. They don't sound the same - they've been through hell after all - but they're there. This and the melody change midway through the track keep it fresh. Given its obliteration of a notorious pop song, it's a remix that could easily stroll through festivals this season. Just don't expect sunshine and whistles.

The "On Top of the World" Far East Movement East-Sider Remix can be downloaded for free above. Far East Movement is known mostly for "Like a G6", other hip hop related production, and chewing the electro bubble gum on occasion. However they can still produce a filthy track every now and then, and this latest Far East Movement remix is just that.

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