Field Day Festival Arrests Reach 214 In One Day


Field Day Festival Arrests Reach 214 In One Day

As reported by Mixmag and other outlets, 214 people were arrested at the trendy new year's day festival 'Field Day' in Sydney this year. That's a lot of people starting off 2015 on the wrong foot. The Field Day festival arrests certainly don't help break any stereotypes of the EDM community either.

According to Mixmag, this is a record number of arrests for the festival which had 140 arrests last year. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation quotes Chief Inspector Stuart Bell explaining one of the reasons for the rise:

"The drug dog operation this year resulted in the most arrests police have made during the history of the festival, which is extremely concerning and shows that some attendees are still not getting the message," he said.

This makes us wonder just how effective current drug policies are, and what might actually help curb this issue. The Mixmag report even links to articles questioning the effect drug dogs actually have. One of these articles, also from Mixmag, notes the follwing:

Calls to stop the use of sniffer dogs at music festivals in New South Wales have increased in recent times, with harm minimisation activists and health experts saying they do not deter people from taking drugs and could lead to accidental, panic-induced overdoses.

With 25,000 people in attendance according to Mixmag, this year's festival arrested 1 in every 117 attendees. It's unclear what the actual reason is for the increase in arrests is at Field Day. What is clear is that the drug issue within music events isn't stopping. It's also important to remember that just because more people were arrested, it doesn't necessary mean drug use was more prevalent.

Field Day continues to be a hugely popular festival and this year featured Dillon Francis, Danny Brown, Bastille, Tycho, SBTRKT, and a pretty awesome ad campaign. Unfortunately it's a bit overshadowed at the time.

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