Fresh Selection: Beyoncé - Mine (Machinedrum RMX)



Fresh Selection: Beyoncé - Mine (Machinedrum RMX)

Wait, wait, wait, what? Beyoncé and Machinedrum? Did you read that title correctly. Yes, you did, oh yeah it's true. Machinedrum of jungle acclaim takes on Beyoncé of well, Beyoncé fame! With a touch of jungle and plenty of d'n'b Machinedrum takes the song in a direction only he could take it. It is a wonderful journey, a fusion of two worlds you though were galactically separated. I was extremely surprised and very excited when I stumbled on this one, so sit back and let the wonderful craziness in the mere concept alone of this tremix turn into absolute brilliance as Machinedrum brings it to life.

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