Fresh Selection: Maelstrom - Dystopian Elements



Fresh Selection: Maelstrom - Dystopian Elements

Why are the French the best at techno? This is not a leading question, I am genuinely asking. Well, maybe it's more rhetorical, but as of late, the French are leading the pack in terms of avant garde aggressive techno beats. Maelstrom, a member of the esteemed Bromance crew, invites you into a dystopian techno nightmare. It's a dark place, although there is a seductive quality in this haunting song. It moves almost as a lingering fog, or smoke come alive. It doesn't feel like just music, rather a spirit moving through the air, surrounding you and interweaving itself into your ears, injecting its unique anxiety and overarching theme of mystery right into your spine. It might be a wise idea for the feint of heart to listen to this one with your lights on, or if are a bold sold, turn the lights off and see how weird it gets!

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