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Fresh Selection: Parc En Ciel - RomCom


Fresh Selection: Parc En Ciel - RomCom

Not a normal song, it is a vibrant one that has as much personality as you or me. It's on a journey and every element appears to be speaking to the rest to manifest into a wild conversation or adventure. The retro flourishes are put to great use in a contemporary manner paving the way to a very unique future. My attention is now fixed upon Parc En Ciel, if this is the first song I've encountered, I am curious what more is in store. This is the perfect adaptation of a RomCom, you'll truly think you are listening to the best 80's romcom soundtrack ever, I mean, should it be called 'When Electronic Met Dance Music'? Is that the glorious lovestory being translated into song? Sure it's a stretch, but doesn't stretching always feel great!

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