Fresh Selection: Porter Robinson - Years of War (Golden Features Remix)



Fresh Selection: Porter Robinson - Years of War (Golden Features Remix)

It's a well established fact that Porter Robinson was a critical darling of 2014 with his bold new artistic direction. I mean, the dude really wanted to emphasize that he was all about the music now, and the message was received. Now, a true talent from Australia, a artist with only golden features delivered a fine remix of Porter that we had share with you! It dives deep, and as Porter is outspoken against EDM, this remix certainly stays safely and wonderfully underground. Although deep house appears to be surviving a bit better than dubstep under increased pop music scrutiny, this is no banger, rather it's a solid rework that allows Golden Features to shine!

I love the dark stabs and the effective vocal modulation and manipulation. It adds a bit of true darkness and grit to Porter's tune that was, in my opinion, lacking. It really rounds it out and makes it real.

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