Fresh Selection: Qtier - Anything Other (Kiwi Remix)


Kiwi Press Shot 1

Fresh Selection: Qtier - Anything Other (Kiwi Remix)

A major young player of the Blasé Boys Club, Kiwi is an absolute beast. His remix of Qtier's 'Anything Other' is strategically subtle as it builds. There is a downtempo essence about this song, I would wager even Massive Attack would be proud. It has an urban feel, bolstered by a calmed industrial humming that is remarkable. This is a remix that you will catch yourself moving to as the solid bobbing groove is undeniable and you just can't escape it.

If you are a fan of wonderful melodic techno, you should declare your love for Kiwi as the intimate ambience he creates will soon become legend. Also, the pleasantly surprising sweet tender vocal ambushes and seduces you, so get weird with it, thi sis a song that you can't predict and veers so far away from anything formulaic, it's just so organic and alive, BEASTLY!

We tossed some questions at Kiwi too! Read the interview!

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