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Fresh Selection: Synymata - Turning Away


Fresh Selection: Synymata - Turning Away

Prepare for a vivid, vibrant work. Synymata has made a slowly cinematic song that is infused with enticing emotions. With a soft intro that brings to mind comparisons to Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack or an Aphex Twin piano focused work, it is a song that engages your senses and embraces those deep feels. It is a graceful and colorful song that reminds me of a jungle sunrise, as the creatures and plants wake and come to life. I particularly like the subtle raindrops which add a realism that is just delicious. This is perfect post-dubstep. It's small house in a big room with an on point echoing trajectory. Synymata is a group composed of two DJs with home made magnetic masks. Adding another layer to the intrigue and appeal of magnetic masks is so that they can switch during a show.

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