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The FreshLIST 027: New Electronic Music You’ve Never Heard [YouTube]

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Magnetic Magazine's FreshLIST has been sourced from the digital ether and curated into a weekly video series for your listening pleasure. With the FreshLIST, you’ll find the five latest highlights uploaded to our YouTube channel: the selection is diverse, the quality is high, and the music is certified fresh.

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Elephante - Shooting Stars (Bag Raiders Cover)

Whoa, whoa, whoa! THROWBACK FULL EFFECT COVER! Elephante, I LOVE IT! Taking a modern classic in a new direction, jampacking it with energy, this is the song you want to be in the middle of any scene for. Right in the thick of it, and letting the good times ride. Thanks for this Elephante, it has a deepness to it that most remixes could only dream of.

Dotan - Let the River In (Patrick Lite & Saxokid Remix)

Overjoyed to share this with you, a premiere of the chillest caliber from a 2014 favorite discovery Patrick Lite. Melodic house has experienced a major upswing in popularity recently, thanks to the boom of tropical house of course, and this Patrick Lite character is one of the forerunners riding the beautiful wave. Yet, that description doesn’t quite capture the potential of this talented upandcomer, rather he seems to be guiding the wave.

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Porter Robinson - Years of War (Golden Features Remix)

It’s a well established fact that Porter Robinson was a critical darling of 2014 with his bold new artistic direction. I mean, the dude really wanted to emphasize that he was all about the music now, and the message was received. Now, a true talent from Australia, a artist with only golden features delivered a fine remix of Porter that we had share with you! It dives deep, and as Porter is outspoken against EDM, this remix certainly stays safely and wonderfully underground. Although deep house appears to be surviving a bit better than dubstep under increased pop music scrutiny, this is no banger, rather it’s a solid rework that allows Golden Features to shine!

Maelstrom - Dystopian Elements

Why are the French the best at techno? This is not a leading question, I am genuinely asking. Well, maybe it’s more rhetorical, but as of late, the French are leading the pack in terms of avant garde aggressive techno beats. Maelstrom, a member of the esteemed Bromance crew, invites you into a dystopian techno nightmare. It’s a dark place, although there is a seductive quality in this haunting song. It moves almost as a lingering fog, or smoke come alive. It doesn’t feel like just music, rather a spirit moving through the air, surrounding you and interweaving itself into your ears, injecting its unique anxiety and overarching theme of mystery right into your spine. It might be a wise idea for the feint of heart to listen to this one with your lights on, or if are a bold sold, turn the lights off and see how weird it gets!

Niteppl feat. Her Favorite Flavor - Shout

You ever wonder when is the right time to call someone a master? I think we have a real contender with this Niteppl character. With this second single on his sophomore effort, ‘Nu-Flesh’, Niteppl comes across as a real strong master of the synth. St. Lucia and M83 better watch out, Niteppl is walking softly and carrying a very big creative stick in their territory.

Boards of Canada - Olson (Midland Re-Edit)

I love it when the best and the brightest take on their inspirations, the end result is a reimagined classic in the contemporary styles and context. Both an education and an evaluation of past, present and future. Midland just brought this delightful number to everyone’s attention again, and god damn, who knew ambient music could get a tropical, tribal groove? Obviously Midland and no one else! He’s one in a billion.

How to Dress Well - Tomb for the Anatole

This selection is a touching one, as it is an unreleased track from How to Dress Well for the Total Loss sessions, and it was released by the label LuckyMe in honor of a departed friend. It’s ethereal and with the angelic voice of How to Dress Well, it takes on a wonderfully melancholic tone. Be ready for feels. It’s also rather pensive. So, sit back and have a thought. Think of something beautiful or someone beautiful. It’s not all about dancing and having fun, sometimes you just need music to help you process or consider the deeper things in life.

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